Pipeline Workspaces

A shared workspace concept that caters to a diverse community of entrepreneurs and start-ups




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Based in Miami, Pipeline Workspaces is a shared workspace concept that caters to a diverse community of entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporate teams and international business executives. With seven locations, our members range from local innovators to large companies such as Uber, Google and Postmates.

Our growth has been deeply intertwined with Miami’s own transformation, as the city has become a launchpad for innovative startups and successful companies. While Miami has emerged as a center of creative thought and culture, Pipeline has always attempted to contribute to the spark of ingenuity at the core of this change.

We feed into this culture by pulling the most dynamic companies and innovative people into our spaces and creating an environment that promotes a fluid exchange of ideas. At this point, any dynamic company must be asking the same questions: What is our future? How do I push ahead in this ultra-competitive world? How do we continue to innovate? Where do I go to seek out differentiation – the newest, most innovative, most disruptive ideas?

These are the same questions we asked ourselves. The motivation for creating Pipeline was born out of our own frustrations in trying to find an inspiring place to work. After working from home offices, coffee houses, dull corporate offices, and even traditional executive suites, we became consumed with the idea of creating the optimal workplace experience where stagnation and conformity is kept at bay. A place we would want to work in ourselves, surrounded by people we find to be a source of inspiration.

Since that idea’s inception, it’s fair to say we have become obsessed with creating a community that is based on imagination, connectivity, and collaboration. During the early days of coworking, it was common for people to believe shared workspaces were uniquely for start-ups. But when we opened our first location on Brickell in 2012, we anticipated the demand to come from all size companies and all sectors, and this is in fact what has transpired in the market. Working alongside startups at Pipeline, we have many mid-sized companies and established corporations keen on engaging with others outside of their traditional realm. We have found that it is the blend of conventional and unconventional that fosters optimal creativity and growth.

We believe that the answers to the questions being asked by companies may be found at Pipeline. With the extraordinary blend of cultures and perspectives swirling around our spaces, there is a wealth of fresh thought and new idea generation. This is specifically what our times call for, and we’re happy to help those pushing into a new frontier during these exciting times.

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