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PilotoMail was born in a high traffic mailroom at Piloto 151 coworking spaces in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Stolberg siblings, Sofia and Juan Carlos, had been running the first and largest coworking operation on the Island for 6 years, and, as more entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals and corporates joined their membership base, including their popular Virtual Office offering, they found themselves literally buried in their members’ postal mail, to the tune of 500 mailpieces and packages a day.

To complicate matters more, postal rules and regulations, created in a technology-free vacuum, meant that compliance required physical paper shuffling and identity validation of members and all of their authorized mail recipients. Globe-trotting Piloto members also had special requests, and loved the convenience of having their mail scanned, their checks deposited, and their packages forwarded all over the world.

Sofia Stolberg and Juan Carlos Stolberg, PilotoMail founders

Realizing that existing software in the market was ill-suited to handle the compliance burden and the large volume of postal mail that Piloto was receiving, the Stolbergs decided to solve their own problem, put their past experience in tech to good use, and build their own software.

PilotoMail was built to automate the postal compliance process and Piloto’s mailroom operations, while providing members with a convenient virtual mailbox to access and manage their postal mail from anywhere in the world. On-the-go members could now download an app, see pictures of each mailpiece or package they received, and request different handling options from open and scan, to forward, shred, onsite pickup, or deposit check. They could toggle between different mailboxes for different companies and invite their staff to help manage their mail, receive mail themselves, or pick up their mail at one of Piloto’s many locations.

PilotoMail was so effective at streamlining mailroom operations and delighting Piloto’s nomadic members that the Stolbergs soon decided to offer their software to other coworking spaces, mailbox operators, property managers and companies with large mail volumes internationally.

Today, PilotoMail is revolutionizing the way people all over the world access and manage their postal mail. The Stolbergs envision a world where the traditional PO Box is rendered obsolete, accelerating a digital-first transformation that dramatically changes the way people interact with the over 310 billion mailpieces and packages that are received globally on an annual basis.

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