The Comprehensive School Safety Platform




PikMyKid is the only company in the United States that provides a comprehensive dismissal solution that addresses all of the dismissal needs of a school without the need to purchase, install, or support ANY additional hardware. Bring your own device. As a true Software as a Service platform, Teachers and Staff are able to use their existing devices to manage PikMyKid.

PikMyKid has partnered with Florida Department of Transportation to use predictive congestion planning to ease traffic around schools with traffic bottleneck around dismissal times. PikMyKid also uses machine learning to influence driver behavior in order to lower peak traffic loads in a very cost-effective manner.

PikMyKid was founded with the vision to simplify the student dismissal process, increase the safety and security, ease traffic, and reduce the chaos in schools and the neighborhoods.

With PikMyKid’s rapid adoption among schools, we are increasingly being used as the de facto channel for communication by the schools for reaching out to their parent community through push notifications. We are fast evolving from being a stand-alone solution for a single problem to becoming a platform where other products and services are offered to our captive community. This is possible due to rapid adoption from the parent community averaging over 85% in every school with very high-end user engagement on our platform on a daily basis.

PikMyKid system is sold as an Annual Site License to single schools, school districts, after school programs, YMCAs etc. Our highly qualified in-house development team is constantly working to improve the PikMyKid program using cutting edge innovations regularly. As a part of the Annual Site License, each client also receives all of the future product enhancements and innovation.

Set-up, Training and Support is included in the Annual Site License for Staff & Parents. PikMyKid has a team of 100% USA Based Support Reps Ready to help. Support is 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week 365 Days a year ready for our schools and families.

PikMyKid Platform was designed with a simple idea: provide a safer dismissal process using the school’s existing devices and infrastructure, eliminating any need for costly expenditures on hardware, scanners, servers, ID cards, and other consumables. PikMyKid is able to effectively manage all the above without tracking students using bio-metrics, or scanning cards/codes or any form of additional hardware requirements.

PikMyKid Schools regularly see 85% to 95% parent adoption within 4 weeks of launch. PikMyKid also includes an integrated Parent Notification System. Every successful student dismissal prompts a push notification automatically to each parent. Schools are also able to send custom notifications for any reason; late bus, emergencies, cancellations and any other reason.

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