Philip Morley Furniture-Unique One-Of-A-Kind Pieces Of Furniture





Philip Morley Furniture strives to build unique one-of-a-kind pieces in his one-man furniture studio located near Austin in the gorgeous Hill Country.


Philip studied traditional carpentry and joinery in London, England after struggling with severe dyslexia and floating closer and closer to trouble amidst his academic frustrations. He found his passion in the trades and was able to begin working hard in his ongoing journey of becoming the best craftsman he could be. Perhaps, it was restoring those ancient buildings that gave Phil a true appreciation for the craftsmanship that was being increasingly lost in today’s world of fast construction and throw-away furniture.

His interest fell to furniture making and then served ten years as an apprentice. Through these apprenticeships, he became truly inspired by the words of William Morse, a leader of the English Arts and Crafts Movement, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Phil has actively applied this principle to both his own home and his work. He wants his pieces to be subtle centers of the household or office that give a sense of beauty, peace, sustainability, and strength.

Phil rejects the idea that good furniture design should sacrifice quality. His pieces are beautifully built externally as well as internally, with a structural integrity that will last generations. To do this, Philip applies time-honored joinery techniques to more modern designs that simultaneously hold a timeless appeal. As a part of the development of his pieces, Philip is also very careful to draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the wood. In fact, his pieces are never stained but finished in a way that honors the natural color and beauty of the wood.


Phil specializes in building commissioned pieces for discerning clients who have been searching for a particular piece of furniture that truly fits their needs and style. The result is a piece that complements a client’s home or office and creates a truly authentic space. He has won several awards for the design and craftsmanship of his pieces, including Best in Show at the Texas Furniture Makers Show. Several of his pieces have also been hand-selected for the Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Designers Notebook section, including his lounge chair and stunning rocking chair.

Phil is passionate about sharing his craft with others and passing on his knowledge of woodworking. He does this primarily through teaching. He has been teaching furniture making in the evenings for six years through various schools and programs. Phil is also extremely excited to be involved in the beginning stages of a furniture school, Austin School of Furniture and Design and shares his craft through Instagram, where he has found an amazing woodworking community where ideas are fostered, encouraged, and developed. Instagram has also served as a supportive community of folks who truly appreciate the work that goes into each piece.

Finally, Philip writes for Fine Woodworking Magazine, helping to create articles that detail the methods of various furniture making techniques. For Phil, writing for the magazine was a particularly poignant moment. He had grown up inspired by the magazine as a young kid, skimming through the pages and absorbing as much inspiration as possible. His hope is to inspire a new generation of craftspeople that are dedicated to spreading knowledge and appreciation of the craft.

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