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OMNA Maritime Tourniquets OMNA: The toughest tourniquets for any condition. The world’s only Maritime Tourniquets and Tourniquet Water Sports Leashes designed to be used in and out of the water. Providing unparalleled versatility, comfort, and ruggedness in a compact, wearable configurations for water sports and marine professions. Whether you surf, dive, fish, boat, or live near the water OMNA has an innovative tourniquet or first aid solution for you. OMNA - equipment for first aid


OMNA Inc. was founded in 2014, but its inception began in late 2012. A surf trip to a remote surf break was the catalyst that led to identifying that water sports and marine environments needed marine-specific first aid equipment. After an evening surf session in distant Central America, and facing a paddle across a river mouth known for crocodiles in pitch-black darkness the idea wheels began to spin. Luckily, nothing happened that night (Although someone did lose a leg to a crocodile in the same location 6-months later). What did happen then was the realization that no one had any tourniquets or equipment for first aid. Tourniquets and first aid kits are commonly carried or readily available in numerous professions, except for water sports and maritime occupations. No one had ever thought to integrate an actual tourniquet with a surfboard or paddleboard leash, nor had they made any tourniquets or first aid kits to actual marine specifications. At that moment OMNA was born and the journey began. OMNA - Maritime Tourniquets and Tourniquet Water Sports Leashes The unique things about OMNA are our tourniquet / first aid integrations into common water sports accessories. We’ve integrated tourniquets into wearable configurations for boating, kayaking, free diving, scuba diving, leashes for surfing, paddle boarding, and even underwater photography. OMNA tourniquets are the only tourniquets made to 100% marine specification and designed specifically for marine environments. Our proprietary marine materials offer the highest resistance to saltwater, UV rays, and other aquatic factors that deteriorate other tourniquets. Furthermore, military and different surf life-saving tests have shown that when it comes to tourniquet use in the water the older style windlass bars that you twist are impossible to apply in the water, hence why OMNA uses a ratcheting system. Water sports and Marine Professions present a unique challenge for first aid; what works on land doesn’t necessarily work in the water, but now OMNA first aid solutions keep you prepared even in the water. Be Ready, OMNA. OMNA - diving OMNA - Spear fishing

OMNA Inc. St. Petersburg, FL, USA facebook: omnainc linkedin: @omna_official twitter: @OMNAInc

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