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Office Evolution provides flexible shared workspace to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startup companies. This is done by providing turnkey workspace solutions in the form of coworking, private offices, meeting space, and other business services. Office Evolution plays a key role in building Jacksonville’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through creating a collaborative community that allows for companies to focus on their businesses.


While most people have heard of coworking, they’re likely unaware that it has both existed for decades and that it currently empowers more than 1.2 million people worldwide according to the Global Coworking Survey. Michael Wielgus is bringing coworking to Jacksonville in a big way. He also knows that coworking—and specifically Office Evolution—can play an important role in the city’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

“The biggest thing is getting people to understand where to put us. When they hear Office Evolution, a lot of things come to mind. Sometimes they think we’re a furniture company—or an office-design firm,” Michael says with a laugh. “But what we really do is provide flexible turnkey solutions for entrepreneurs and small companies that allow them to focus on their business.”

Not only does Office Evolution provide private offices, coworking, and meeting space but they also provide everything in between from furniture, phones, security, reception, mail services, fiber internet, private VLAN, and even beverages. Michael says, “Just bring your laptop and we can have you ready to start working that same day.” Office Evolution also provides this with flexible terms from long-term agreements to hourly on-demand. It allows small companies to grow and take space as they need it, while preserving cash.

Office Evolution has the agility to accommodate anything from a one-person home-based entrepreneur that needs a business address and their own permanent space. Office Evolution has a place for them both and everyone in between. Industries of all stripes—technology, logistics, healthcare, law firms, and more—occupy Office Evolution’s modern, high-quality spaces.

“We do have some clients who prefer to work behind a closed door, but lots of people enjoy the social aspect that Office Evolution provides,” Michael says. “They can bounce ideas off each other and get interesting perspectives on their projects that otherwise they wouldn’t have encountered. There is a diverse group of industries and all different types of roles under one roof.  The knowledge base is there and willingly shared amongst members.”

Office Evolution is the largest coworking franchise in the country with headquarters in Denver, CO. As the franchise owner and Area Developer, a Jacksonville native, and a seasoned businessman himself, one of Michael’s passions is helping local entrepreneurs and in particular, his Office Evolution members.

“Not only do we get to provide them with great space, but we also get to understand and learn more about their businesses and their dreams. Our goal is to try to make connections and to help them reach their goals. We want to create an environment where they can all feed off of each other, learn from each other and to refer business to each other. Making meaningful connections is something that has become a primary driver.”

Michael also had the foresight to secure the area rights to Jacksonville and surrounding areas, increasing the strength and reach of a web that’s benefitting the city’s entrepreneurs now and into the future. He has committed to developing five locations in Jacksonville and plans to serve over 500 local companies and over 1,000 members when local development is complete.

“We’re trying to bring all of these people in our community together to create a more formalized network to help entrepreneurs here in Jacksonville,” he says. Thanks to Office Evolution, Jacksonville’s innovation ecosystem can only grow stronger.

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