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Chev. Charles Figallo OAM OSJ is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian-owned private equity business, Novafast Holdings, and its three subsidiaries: DSA, Novafast, and Basetec Services.

Based in Kilkenny, South Australia, Novafast Holdings, through its group of companies, offer project management, engineering, design, construction and maintenance services for the Water/ Wastewater, Energy, Resources, Utilities, Infrastructure and Defence sectors.

Charles has more than 40 years of business operating experience and an extensive knowledge of composite materials and corrosion protection. He was notably awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to business and community in 2017.

Paul Figallo, Group Business Manager, Chev. Mr Charles Figallo OAM OSJ, Chief Executive Officer, David Figallo, Business & Strategy Manager

He is mainly self-taught – and a determined entrepreneur in his area of expertise. Charles has worked in the industry since he was a teenager and got his business break by jumping on the slightest of opportunities: “I got involved in this industry simply because I was working on a project, and I overheard some engineers talking about a problem they were facing. I told them that even though they were a bit unfamiliar with how to take on the problem, I made it very clear to them that I could fix it for them.”

He shares his simple business philosophy: “Our solid reputation is built on independence and innovation. We partner with organisations to build long-term relationships where all stakeholders benefit.”

Charles is heavily involved in various business organisations in Adelaide, including the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Defence Reserves Support Council of SA, and the South Australian Business Development Managers Group.

The CEO also devotes himself to supporting various charitable organisations, such as Make-A-Wish Australia, the Cancer Council, and the Australian Foundation for Fostering Learning in the Philippines.

Charles shares that his childhood experiences put him on the path to success. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it, If you are willing to work hard and follow your dreams, your dreams will be achieved.”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” — Albert Einstein

Prior to 1999:
Novafast Holdings was incorporated by Charles Figallo who identified major problems in the oil and gas industry due to poor pipe design and construction.


  • Novafast Holdings founded.
  • Basetec Services founded.


  • Novafast International founded.
  • Novafast SE Asia incorporated.
  • Nova Technology T/A DSA

In recent years:
Paul and David Figallo have become key leaders of the Novafast Holdings and have driven positive change in the business direction and market positioning.

Novafast Holdings offers engineering, design and construction services for the Water/Wastewater, Energy, Resources, Utilities, Infrastructure and Defence sectors.

In a market that demands the highest level of expertise, precision, and technical ability, Dennis Southam & Associates (DSA) is an industry leader in Australia – and globally, too. It is a consulting engineering firm that has been providing the composites industry with exceptional professional solutions for over 30 years.

DSA’s services cover project management functions, design and engineering, independent inspection, verification and testing services, and compliance. Its dedicated engineers and project managers are world leaders in the application of GRP, FRP and GRE composite products in corrosive environments.

The company serves major companies in the mining, water treatment, chemical processing, energy, and petroleum sectors. DSA also works with consultants, manufacturers, and construction contractors within these industries.

DSA is highly regarded for its commitment to the timely delivery of services in accordance with industry standards and best practices – while keeping costs down and mitigating risk.

Its design services offer full turnkey project management of composite projects. From inception, DSA can manage the design, procurement, manufacturing, transport, installation, and commissioning.

DSA utilises its extensive knowledge of engineering procedures to add value to client projects. The team brings a solid understanding of the manufacturing and construction processes required and an ability to provide workable alternatives to problems which may not have been previously considered. DSA’s capabilities extend to resin types, fibre glass options, process engineering, plant operation, lamination, corrosion barriers, manufacturing methods, and GRP/GRE pipe jointing techniques.

DSA provides thorough site inspections and testing, including analysing and assessing plant conditions. Reports include outlining equipment deterioration, reliability, safety, and residual life. Its services include NDT (non-destructive testing) on composites using state-of-the-art technologies.

DSA also offers qualification testing results for equipment and materials, including thermal analysis of resins and composite samples, LTHS testing of pipes, short-term burst testing of pipes, and other ASTM pipe and composite material strength tests.

All DSA procedures and specifications comply with engineering standards as well as government and industry regulations. DSA can also certify engineering compliance with equipment design or fabrication and offer third-party reviews. Working with management and ground level workforce, its office coordinates information between departments, educating design teams about product specifications and participating in personnel training.

“Innovative Pipe Systems & Composite Equipment for critical processes”

Novafast caters to the need for quality composite products and materials meeting design specifications for major projects. The company flourished with national opportunities and quickly went global, supplying clients around the world since it began in 1999.

Novafast’s reputation has come from exceeding the client’s expectations with a strong focus on research and development. Over the years, Novafast has supplied quality composite products and materials to major contracts for oil and gas, desalination plants, waste management facilities, mine processing and environmental applications in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Many products have been developed to meet a wide range of clients’ needs, with the ability to custom design equipment for unique environments.

Its products are designed and manufactured for the following sectors: oil and gas, water and wastewater, mining and industrial, and defence and marine.

For end-users to extract maximum operating benefits from their Novafast Products and NovaFlo Piping Systems, the composite materials must be installed correctly. Novafast invites all pipe installers, supervisors, engineers and quality inspectors to enrol in their specialised courses

Novafast offers clients a complete service for composite piping systems, including engineering, project management, and site services.

Novafast is a leading manufacturer of composite piping systems and composite process equipment for critical and harsh infrastructure where reliability and certainty are foremost. It has manufacturing facilities in Australia that are ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001 compliant.

Novafast can manufacture pipes from 25mm to 4000mm in diameter and meet nearly all of the major industry standards, including; API 15HR, API 15LR, ISO 14692:2017, Shell DEP, BS7159, ASME RTP-1, EN13121, ASTM D5627, ASTM D3517, and AS3571.

Novafast invests significantly in Research and Development annually to further develop its knowledge of composite piping technology. Its extensive laboratory facilities enable it to carry out destructive, long term fatigue, fire and many other tests to remain the international leader in this industry.

Basetec Services strives for a future that is free of environmental and safety risks around major industrial sectors. This subsidiary of Novafast Holdings’ mission is to lead Australian innovation in engineering, procurement, and construction.

It provides end-to-end innovation and cost-effective, value-adding solutions to clients with a core focus on safety and quality. Using unique materials, it develops high-quality systems to withstand even the harshest of environments.

The company provides turnkey project management, from feasibility to conceptual design, specification, construction and commissioning. It also offers refurbishment and specialty maintenance programmes. Basetec Services incorporates Basetec Resources & Energy, Basetec Water & Infrastructure, Basetec Asset Maintenance, and Basetec Instrustructe & Utilities, saving our clients millions of dollars as we do it all.

Due to the array of aggressive chemicals derived from oil, gas and mining extraction/refining, corrosion is a growing problem for the energy and resources sector. On top of this, the harsh conditions faced offshore and in remote areas on land mean that durable, custom solutions are often required. Basetec Resources & Energy implements its vast knowledge of specialist materials, particularly composites, to custom design assets and services. This division specialises in GRE/GRVE/ GRP pipes and fittings, GRVE tanks and processing equipment.

Basetec Water & Infrastructure designs custom solutions for its clients, using innovative materials, and providing turnkey options. Its in-depth understanding of the corrosion issues associated specifically with the water sector gives this company division the innate ability to replace expensive, exotic metals with superior composite solutions.

Basetec Asset Maintenance ensures that clients receive the maintenance and support needed to safeguard the longevity of their assets and systems.

Basetec Infrastructure & Utilities provides engineering, construction and refurbishment services for major infrastructure. It works with councils and private companies to provide the necessary services to ensure the safety and longevity of its infrastructure.

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