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That Lyfe, LLC was founded around the simple idea that having a great nightout should be easy and transparent. Our focus is on democratizing the nightlife experience through our iOS application, NOCTURNAL




This idea originated from an evening in a city none of us are from. The team was trying to plan a night out in LA with dinner followed by getting a VIP table at a nightclub. We realized that while we were able to easily book restaurant reservations, there was no easily navigable marketplace for booking tables at nightclubs. Our only choices were to physically go to the nightclub and wait in a long line to speak with a promoter who would try to upsell us or contact a random number found on the nightclub’s website and wait for a response. Neither of these options seemed appealing. What was the result? We ended up getting into the nightclub late and overpaying for a poorly located table due to our lack of knowledge of the nightclub.


What if you could dynamically price tables in a marketplace that would allow consumers to know exactly which tables were available and then reserve them without the hassle of waiting in line, negotiating at the door or being forced to contact a random person who may not have any clear affiliation with the establishment?

Our goal is to help bridge the gap between establishments and patrons. We want people to be able to plan their night out through our iOS application, and we want establishments to be able to leverage our platform to maximize their reach.

For more information about our company and our team, please visit our website We plan to launch NOCTURNAL in the coming months. For more information about NOCTURNAL, please visit

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