Full-service hosting done in half the time because My-Cierge helps hosts offer more than a place to sleep




My-Cierge is an all-in-one Travel Management System designed to empower Short-term Vacation Rental Property Managers with the technology they need to engage, connect & create experiences digitally for all their guests travel needs.

I worked at some of the best hotels across the Midwest, South Florida, and the beautiful Caribbean while in the industry my focus was Guest Experiences & Hotel Operations. During my 15+years in the hospitality I begin to notice a trend within the hotels, they typically ran the property with old school processes and always had a blind spot due to normal human error.

It was late 2016 when I decided to create a platform to streamline the day-to-day operational needs for all things along the guest experience journey. On the new founder path I found my Co-founder Marco which unbeknownst to me worked across the street from me for years prior to us meeting. We discussed the many ways in which hotels lack the use of any major technology or automation systems. So we begin building My-Cierge a 3 part platform Guest App, Staff and Dashboard.

Behind the scenes we wanted teams to be able to track, dispatch & executed all requests made from guests and easily communicate amongst one another throughout the property and departments. We quickly realized our 25+ years of combined hospitality experience is one of our strongest advantages.

As of July 2019 we have made a pivot to focus on providing these same services to home sharing hosts and property managers within the vacation rental sector. Ideally we want to promote engagement and encourage information to be shared digitally, our team has also created partnerships which helps increase revenue for host. My-Cierge was designed to take a very socially-driven approach to experiential travel market.

We understand travelers typically book excursions if they come as a recommendation so we allow the guests to explore local cultures, cuisines and places within the app that are curated by My-Cierge and approved by the property host. Other great feature our customers really enjoy are real-time chatting, locations & maps helping the traveler always find their way back home and internal reviews and ratings.

Imagine as host offering full-service experiences while dedicating half the time, because at My-Cierge we believe every great host offers more than just a place to sleep.

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