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Munai is a healthtech whose impact in the healthcare field is noteworthy, driving significant transformations through the application of advanced technological solutions, particularly leveraging Artificial Intelligence. Its commitment extends beyond technological advancements; it’s rooted in the core mission of reshaping healthcare by generating personalized and scalable solutions that empower healthcare institutions to provide more efficient, accessible, and equitable care.

Hugo Morales, Medical Director and Partner at Munai (left) and Cristian Rocha, CEO and Partner at Munai (right)

Located in Curitiba, a city recognized for its innovative environment conducive to technological development, it’s a pivotal factor in Munai’s successful journey. The capital of Paraná is an innovation hub, providing a fertile ecosystem for companies like Munai to thrive and expand their horizons.

Motivated by the vision to revolutionize healthcare through technological innovation, Munai established a significant collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in

This strategic partnership marks a notable milestone in seeking innovative and accessible solutions to improve global health. The project focuses on addressing one of the world’s biggest health challenges: antimicrobial resistance (AMR), inappropriate antibiotic usage, and lack of adherence to Antimicrobial Stewardship Protocols (ASPs) due to the complexity of these protocols. In practice, the technology will serve as a clinical decision support tool, aiding physicians and prescribers in the rational use of antibiotics.

This tool is based on the utilization of Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, transforming awareness of best practices, previously available only in manuals, into conversational interactions through bots. “Our goal is to transcend the mere PDF protocol, often relegated to a drawer, into a conversation rich in insights for healthcare professionals,” explains Hugo Morales, infectious disease physician, and Munai’s founder.

Munai impacts healthcare daily with its Artificial Intelligence, enhancing the quality of care and clinical outcomes. Its AI accurately predicts situations where patients are at risk of clinical deterioration, reducing hospital mortality rates by up to 25%.

“Beyond our unwavering focus on the patient, we’ve advanced in developing a cost management intelligence service. This service was created to tackle the challenges of fraud and waste in the supplementary healthcare sector, ensuring a more solid and transparent financial management while reducing unnecessary expenses. Our aim is to target the sustainability of the healthcare sector, allowing more people to access necessary care,” explains Cristian Rocha, CEO, and founder of Munai.

“Recently, Munai achieved a remarkable case at the Márcio Cunha Hospital in Ipatinga (MG), where it was possible to reduce expenses by up to 5 million Brazilian reais by decreasing patients’ length of stay, driven by the technology offered by the company. Additionally, at Unimed Florianópolis, a reduction of 4 million Brazilian reais in costs related to emergency room visits was achieved.

The company is committed to paving the way for a future where the interaction between technology and healthcare creates a healthier, more equitable, and patient-centered environment. That’s the essence of Munai: innovation with purpose, scalability of healthcare services through technology, and the pursuit of a world where everyone has access to quality healthcare.

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