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MP Studios specializes in working with business professionals who need to make the best first impression possible through professional headshot photography. By coaching and educating their subjects, MP Studios can capture an image that accurately represents the individual’s personal brand and highlights confidence, authenticity, and trust. MP Studios focuses on the psychology behind what it takes to make a lasting impression. The foundation of a quality headshot all comes down to authentic expression. When business professionals step in front of a camera, it can be a daunting task to produce an image that looks good and grabs the attention of potential clients; that’s where MP Studios simplifies the entire process by applying our three-step method for the picture-perfect headshot. Step 1: Persona The process begins with a consultation to learn about the client, their business, and target market. Each headshot is individually crafted to make the strongest impact by appealing to the emotions of their target market. Step 2: Pose Every person is unique, and at MP Studios we know which angles will look good in front of the camera for that particular person and how to coach them into different positions and expressions. Step 3: Perfection Once the client has chosen their favorite images, the editing process begins. We remove any blemishes or distractions while keeping it real. Over retouching causes a trust barrier. Simply put, if someone is “lying” about the way they look in pictures, people might wonder what else they could be lying about. MP Studios Tampa-11 MP Studios Tampa-2 MP Studios Tampa-5


One of my favorite client success stories comes from Sheryl Hunter. Sheryl is a beautiful young attorney and no stranger to the camera, but every professional headshot she’d had before was missing something, and it was one simple highlight. In Sheryl’s old headshots she had a gorgeous, full smile that conveyed a high level of approachability, but no confidence. Her level of confidence in the courtroom and in every meeting she participated in is unparalleled, but you would never have guessed it from her previous headshots. By toning down Sheryl’s smile and teaching her how to engage her eyes and look through the camera, we were able to get a headshot that highlighted the quality of work she is known for. Sheryl was asked to speak at a conference after the publication of her new headshot, and the event organizers had her headshot published as one of the event’s speakers. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to speak at the event, but when she noticed that her headshot was still being used to advertise the conference, she inquired as to why. She was told that a picture of that quality would help event attendance as well as Google analytics, ensuring more ticket sales. After the conference, she was asked back the following year, which goes to show that a picture-perfect headshot can have a lasting impact. In Sheryl’s words, “I feel my headshots enhance my overall ability to get more speaking opportunities. Having a portfolio of headshots that I feel great about enables me to confidently pursue speaking engagements and TV appearances.” MP Studios Tampa-3 MP Studios Tampa-6 MP Studios Tampa-25


“Michael’s headshots capture both my personality and my passion for what I do. I’ve never worked with a photographer who made me feel so confident in front of the camera.” – Sarah McDugal “I’m so impressed with the quality and service of MP Studios, I send all my employees and colleagues to Michael without hesitation. Even if they have an existing headshot, unless Michael took the picture, it’s never up to the standard I expect.” – Topher Morrison “I regularly appear on national television and my headshot is the anchor of my career. I trust only the critical and precise eye of MP Studios.” – Cory Bergeron

412 E. Madison St., Suite 800, Tampa, FL 33602 Phone: 813-334-8152 facebook: mpstudiostampa linkedin: @mpstudiostampa

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