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The Miami DDA is committed to fulfilling its mission collaboratively, ethically and professionally, consistent with the Authority’s public purpose.

The Miami Downtown Development Authority (Miami DDA) is an independent agency of the City of Miami funded by a special tax levy on properties within its district boundaries. The agency is governed by a 15-member board of directors, which includes three public appointees and 12 Downtown property owners, business owners, and/or residents. The board sets policy direction, which is implemented by a multi-disciplinary team under the oversight of the executive director.

The Miami DDA’s mission is to grow, strengthen and promote the economic health and vitality of Downtown Miami. As an autonomous agency of the City, the DDA advocates, facilitates, plans, and executes business development, planning and capital improvements, and marketing and communication strategies.

Today, Miami is the #1 city for foreign-born residents – 51% of the population born outside of the United States – and the #2 city in the U.S. for highly educated, foreign-born residents (Bachelor’s Degrees & Advanced Degrees). Just like New York in 1900, the city’s vast diversity lends itself to novel ideas and innovative business concepts, furthering the region’s economic development and success.

Nearly 50% of all Fortune 500 companies and 25% of all startup businesses were founded by immigrants. In Miami, the diverse community is seen as an engine for economic growth.

The key ingredient to a successful business is talent. Miami is home to a young, multilingual workforce including coders, programmers, and designers with advanced technological skills. Top ranked institutions such as Florida International University, University of Miami, Miami Dade College, and Babson College generate a steady flow of technical talent while coding schools, boot camps, and fellowship programs allow students to further sharpen their skills.

The pipeline of highly skilled graduates in Miami continues to grow at a rapid pace. The City is home to a unique mix of immigrants from Latin America, Europe, and around the world, along with both local and national residents.

Miami continues to experience a massive influx of young, dynamic, highly educated professionals, including an inflow of international professionals from around the world. The Miami-Dade school district has an ‘A’ rating district wide and Florida ranks #1 in the nation for its higher education system.

With 340,000 college students in Miami, Miami is #7 in students per capita. Miami is also rated the most connected city in South Florida. Ranked #1 for public transportation in the State and #5 in walkability nationwide, residents, locals, and visitors find it easy to get around. As South Florida’s employment center and the nation’s second largest finance hub, Downtown Miami makes it easier to develop a business, reach investors, and build the network needed for a business to grow and thrive.

Downtown Miami is also one of the world’s top five interconnected cities with its Tier IV datacenter connecting the Americas at the NAP (network access point), a pathway for data traffic from the Caribbean and South and Central America to more than 148 countries.

Aside from business and education, Miami is known as a city that embraces artistic expression and creativity. In fact, Downtown Miami is home to the highest concentration of cultural institutions in the Southeast. It’s also a region that continues to attract residents, locals, and visitors through its booming bar, restaurant, retail, and entertainment scene.

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