What is a Lumination Learning Lab?
Built within schools nationally Lumination Learning Labs are automated, multi-purpose and immersive smart classrooms supporting students and schools in achieving exceptional results using immersive learning.

How are we revolutionising the learning experience?
The future of the workforce depends on effective education and continuous upskilling, meaning education, industry and government must work together to create equitable access to emerging technologies.

Increasing student engagement, retention, creativity and collaboration in the classroom, Lumination Learning Labs equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Access to educational experts and teaching resources empower teachers to lead with confidence, creating transformational learning
experiences in today’s classrooms.

Key Features
1) Fully automated – Control the learning experience at the touch of a button.
2) Curriculum Aligned – Achieve exceptional learning results directly linked to the curriculum.
3) Teacher Supported – Fully supported by our Education team of experts who have decades of classroom experience.
4) Tomorrow’s learning, today – Position your school as a leader in immersive learning, improving student outcomes and preparing them for the future workforce.

Who is Lumination?
Lumination is an immersive technology company that was started with the goal of disrupting one of the oldest practices in history — the conventional classroom.

Pioneering the use of immersive technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Lumination is revolutionising the way we teach, learn and work.

After centuries of “chalk and talk’’ teaching methods, immersive learning is a game-changer for education. Building extended reality technology that enhances the physical world around us, its products enable the most effective way to learn, through experiences.

Fast Facts:
1. A PwC study shows virtual reality training is 4x more effective than traditional teaching methods.
2. By experiencing content instead of consuming it, users learn and retain information more effectively.
3. Developed in line with the design thinking framework, Lumination Learning Labs enable educators to achieve the best learning outcomes directly linked to the curriculum.
4. Lumination provides ongoing educational and technical support following the installation of a Lumination Learning Lab, including professional development sessions with subject matter experts to enhance the user’s skill base.
5. Over 2,600 schools have either visited our Lumination Learning Lab or used our technology in the classroom, with over two million students served.

Our Team
Our team of engineers, educators, designers and software developers are on a mission to fundamentally change the landscape of learning. Experts in building immersive technology, Lumination is taking learning to the next level on the world stage.

What educators and students are saying about us
“Immersive technology was starting to feature in the world of work … This new immersive technology does not just feed our students with content; the technology engages our students to be curious and enables every learning area to engage differently.”Alistair Brown, Principal, Adelaide Botanic High School

“The immersive VR really helps students empathise with what they are trying to learn within the curriculum and gives them real world examples of how that learning can benefit them in the long term.” Lottie Penno, Maths and Technology Teacher, Goolwa Secondary College

How we’ve used this as a blueprint to launch in industry
Research shows that students learning through VR need less time to understand concepts, are more engaged, have increased confidence, as well as a stronger emotional connection to the content being taught.

Taking this educational blueprint, Lumination’s global team now works with Education, Government, Defence and Industry to implement immersive technology products. For example:

  • Industry Labs: For defence, government and enterprise use, Lumination’s Labs are transforming the workplace, converting high-risk, high-cost training environments into low-risk, low-cost XR simulations.
  • Overlay: An AI-driven object recognition platform and the first instance of democratised object recognition. Overlay provides real time information about the world around it, meaning any user has access to real time information at scale, on any device.

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