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The largest producer and exporter of paper for packaging and sustainable solutions in paper packaging in Brazil, Klabin is a protagonist in a history characterized by innovation and a commitment with sustainable development. Founded in 1899, the Company stands out as the only one in Brazil offering solutions in softwood, hardwood and fluff pulps with a consolidated leadership in the corrugated box, industrial bag and paperboard markets.

Private Natural Heritage Reserves – Monte Alegre Farm – Paraná

Klabin currently has 22 industrial units in Brazil and one in Argentina, responsible for an annual production capacity of 4.7 million tons of market pulp and paper. The Company has a workforce of more than 17 thousand direct employees as well as possessing pine (softwood fiber) and eucalyptus (hardwood fiber) forests in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo.

Puma – Klabin Ecological Park – Paraná

Klabin has written a significant part of its history in the state of Paraná, currently accounting for more than 11 thousand direct and indirect employees in more than 25 municipalities, especially in the Campos Gerais region. The Company is a pioneer in forestry management using the mosaic planting, contributing to the conservation of the state’s forests as well as the maintenance of the biodiversity. It has a forested area of 433 thousand hectares, 176 thousand of which is under native forests.

In Telêmaco Borba, the Company runs the Klabin Ecological Park (PEK) and the Klabin Technology Center (CTK). The first is dedicated to research and conservation of the region’s flora and fauna. Wild animals, victims of accidents or mistreatment are sheltered at this location, helping environmental agencies to preserve endangered species, as well as serving as a space for environmental education and the development of scientific research.

Klabin Technology Center- Paraná

The CTK is a space which has innovation as its essence. Unveiled in 2017, it represents the consolidation of excellence in research, development and innovation, showcasing solutions focused on productivity and the reduction of environmental impacts. “The Center ensures that Klabin remains as one of the most innovative companies in the pulp and paper sector. Structured around five research pillars, the CTK is instrumental in advances in areas of development and new forestry base technologies, the enhancing and improvements in products and reduction in environmental impacts”, Francisco Razzolini, Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Projects Director at Klabin explains.

The CTK was responsible for the creation of the unique formula involved in manufacture of alcohol gel from microfibrillated pulp (MFC), developed in partnership with the SENAI Institute for Innovation and Apoteka, the cosmetics manufacturer. Collaboration with SENAI CETIQT also produced an antiviral coating for packaging, resulting in a proven efficiency of more than 99% against the coronavirus (SARS-CoV2).

Among the innovative products also created by the Center are Klamulti, a lighter and more resistant paperboard for beverage packaging; EkoMix, a packaging for concrete and cement made from paper which is entirely dispersible, thus reducing the disposal of waste; and Eukaliner®, the first kraftliner (paper for corrugated boxes) in the world made exclusively from eucalyptus fiber. The latter is produced from Puma Unit’s paper machine 27, the latest manufacturing unit to be unveiled by Klabin.

Puma Unit – Paraná

Production of Eukaliner® began in 2021, following more than 30-years of research and development to achieve a product made 100% from eucalyptus fiber and, since then, outperforming expectations, as proven by customer feedback. Eucalyptus fiber results in paper that has good resistance and ensures weight is reduced by more than 10%, while maintaining the performance and final structure of the packaging, in addition to offering better print quality.

It is worth mentioning that other differentials make Eukaliner® unique, requiring a considerably reduced area of planted forest to produce the same amount of kraftliner when compared to papers and fibers from other regions of the world. It also uses fewer inputs such as water, energy, and chemicals, which results in very competitive costs and global benchmarking in sustainability.

Francisco Razzolini, Director of Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Projects

Klabin’s journey over the long history of the Company, has been shown to be both innovative and sustainable. The Company is a world reference in sustainable development and has an agenda particularly focused on this, its activities based on the intelligent use of natural resources, employing technology for guaranteeing the sustainability and circularity of its processes.

Klabin’s legacy of innovation and sustainability reaffirms its vocation as the company for the construction of a sustainable future with a renewable base.

For more information, please see:klabin.com.br

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