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Kamana brings workflow efficiency and security to an antiquated industry. The contract healthcare staffing industry is fundamentally flawed. Travel healthcare professionals, who change locations (and employers) every three months, consistently complain about the lack of continuity across the industry. Employers and recruiters lament about repetitive manual tasks and lack of automation in their workflows. Staffing agencies and healthcare facilities are experiencing explosive growth in this industry, but are unable to maximize talent management processes in a truly profitable — or efficient — way.


Kamana Co-Founder and Jacksonville native John Modica spent the past five years as an ER travel nurse in hospitals across the nation. As he searched for new contracts, John became bombarded with offers for positions that didn’t match his qualifications, experience, or work preferences. Additionally, he was tired of repetitive, time-consuming processes that come with quarterly job changing. After a dead-end search for a better way to manage his career, he decided to create the solution himself.

In the months that followed, John and his co-founders launched Kamana: an online platform for contract healthcare professionals and their recruiters/employers to connect, engage, and manage their careers far more efficiently.

Matching algorithms swiftly connect nurses to available employers with jobs they’re actually qualified for. In-app messaging streamlines an otherwise fragmented, ineffective, days-long onboarding process. Through Kamana, nurses can now manage a single professional portfolio to rapidly share with any recruiter, at any staffing agency, giving both users a competitive edge in an extremely fast-moving hiring market. Having a single professional profile and credential management platform gives healthcare talent more time to build relationships with the right employers — and spend far less time searching for them.

Employers rejoice at the submission-ready documentation Kamana provides, and the speed at which onboarding can now take place. Using Kamana’s software as a service (SaaS) product means enhanced internal security. As a Kamana user, recruiters gain a competitive edge in a market where talent is seeking employers who innovate with tech-driven processes that provide them with total control.

Looking ahead: The demand for flexible employment is on the rise across the globe, and healthcare is no exception. Today’s solutions do not support the workforce of tomorrow. Kamana is reimagining this industry, and positioning itself as the central point of operational efficiency — getting healthcare workers where they need to go when they need to be there. Through Kamana’s tech-driven solutions, eliminating financial waste in an extremely manual industry is finally a realistic opportunity.

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