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From a research scientist to an analyst, my career journey instilled in me a deep-rooted passion for solving complex problems through data driven insights. It became clear to me that academia wasn’t the path for me to make a tangible difference – I wanted to add significant ‘business changing’ value. Years later my experiences in the corporate world left me disillusioned; mega-vendors, sales agendas and the plodding speed to-value of data projects. Driven by this realisation, I felt compelled to embark on a new venture, and in 2016 Spiral Data was born.

From the outset, the inception of Spiral Data was rooted in a simple yet powerful idea – to establish a company that would deliver value to our customers with Data Science. What began as a seed of inspiration has now blossomed into an innovative IoT-to-AIML (internet of things to artificial intelligence and machine learning) practice, empowering state government departments, major utilities, defence giants, and private organisations across Australia with the advantage of informed decision-making.

We’ve harnessed the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies, leveraging AIML algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data with unparalleled speed and accuracy. It allows us to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and insights that would be nearly impossible to detect using traditional methods. We identify and assess risks in real time, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to mitigate potential threats.

“We create decision advantage from data – it’s this value that drives our mission to disrupt the status quo.”

While we are an AI technology company, we are only as good as our people – the designers, builders and data scientists. I purposely assembled a team of exceptional people, with grounded values who have a shared vision of delivering tangible, impactful solutions. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise foster a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and breakthrough ideas.

We have been doing AIML since 2018 but industry wasn’t really ready for it 5 years ago. This gave us time to focus our mission on creating decision advantage, recruit well, be clear about our values and battle-harden our platform. This includes any use case that customers could throw at us from water utility algorithms that calm their network to advanced manufacturing in defence. Our clients trust and rely on us to navigate the complexities of their industries. A recent national innovation award for Sustainability for optimising ageing water infrastructure has validated our trajectory.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to drive innovation in the realm of AI and ML by refining our methodologies and expanding our capabilities to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving landscape. Our goal is to empower asset-rich organisations with the tools, processes and people to make data driven decisions confidently and unlock untapped potential.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation, Spiral Data is poised to lead the charge in leveraging AI/ML to transform industries, one problem at a time.

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