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Capturing the intimate souls of her subjects, rather than merely a look




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Jane Shirek stands out in the photography industry not only for her widely praised talent but also for her years of experience working with all types of people and clients in many cities and countries.  As a photographer, she brings out the very best of everyone she photographs. Jane has a genuine gift for making people feel comfortable and putting them at ease. After all, she says, “We all want to put our best face forward.”

Starting in the business, Jane dropped her book off at Vanity Fair, American Vogue, and various other publications and was taken by the numerous positive reactions she received. “They would look at me and say, ‘Where did you get this portfolio?’” Jane says. It was created by a year of working in Milan, Italy. After years of shooting fashion photography all over the globe, Jane was hired to photograph people who had talent and stories but were not models.

Neiman Marcus and Macy’s sent her out to photograph celebrity chefs, fashion designers, and visual and musical artists. This brought her to the attention of music labels, where she shot album covers and celebrities. She is fortunate to have photographed so many amazing, fascinating, and talented people in her career. Continually expanding her skills and horizons, Jane evolved to also being a director of TV commercials for Macy’s and other clients, as well as directing music videos.

Her clients have included Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue, American Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, HBO, Seventeen, YM, Modern Bride, Men’s Journal, Universal Music Group, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Georgia Film Commission, Capital Analysts, The Wounded Warrior Project, Abentras, Marco Opthalmic, and more.

Photographic Exhibitions:
Most recently, she had an exhibit of her work at the Jacksonville International Airport, as well as the Haskell Gallery at the Airport. She has shown many times with the Southlight Gallery and at the Bluemark Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is what some of her clients have said:

Bradley Harrison—VP Creative Director, Macy’s Inc., New York, NY
“I started working with Jane many years ago and still love her work. Part of Jane’s talent is her venerability to create beautiful portraits from her subjects that resonate with candid, psychology with both humor and pathos.”

David Marco—CEO, Marco, Jacksonville, FL
“I have known Jane for many years. Jane shares both a powerful global talent set unmatched in creativity and an inviting personality. She is a ‘hoot’ to work with, and an absolute pleasure in all regards.”

Hollis King—Former VP Creative Services, Verve Music Group & Music Consultant
“Whenever I have a job that is critical to the company, a job that requires creativity and imagination, I call Jane. She always delivers.”
Frances West—Founder, Author, Public Speaker, Former IBM Chief Accessibility Officer. Boston, Mass.
“Jane is extremely perceptive regarding client’s needs and gives the most helpful suggestions during a shoot. She produces high-quality work and is a lot of fun to work with. Definitely one of the best in the industry.”

Joseph Jumber—Risk Analyst, FIS
“If you are starting a new job or looking for one, go to Jane Shirek for a new professional headshot. She did mine and makes it easy, listens to your input, and is flexible with scheduling. Go to Jane if you need a headshot or any other professional photography work.”

West Wingate—Owner/Agent, Abentras, Jacksonville, FL
“Jane did an incredible job for our company website staff pictures and marketing shots. She is incredible!!”

Amy Adams—Freelance Writer/Editor
“I booked Jane to shoot a series of Neiman Marcus executive portraits based on some work she had done for us previously on ‘the book.’ She struck an immediate rapport with all of her subjects—and the results went far beyond the usual headshots. Her keen visual eye, creativity, and photographic acumen are matched only by her personal warmth and professionalism. Wouldn’t hesitate to use her again!”

Kyle Martin—Director, Content Development, UCF College of Sciences
“I worked with Jane when I was Publications Specialist for the Wounded Warrior Project. Her work was technically sound and strong, but that’s not what impressed me the most about Jane. Jane immediately puts the people around her and the talent at ease, which is critical if you’re going to get a good shot. Her personality, as much as her skills with the camera, is what makes Jane a great photographer. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Jake Fernandez—Artist and Lecturer
“Jane is a very gifted and experienced photographer and director. Her work is outstanding. She is very professional and an inspiration to all who worked with her.”

Rebecca Hewes—Model, Reflexologist, Paris, France
“Jane Shirek is one of the most incredible photographers I have worked with. She is also a beautiful person, not of this world.”

R. Bruce Ogier—President, Capital Analysts of Jacksonville, Florida, Inc.
“Photography is art. Jane Shirek is a locally, nationally, and internationally known professional photographer. Jane’s work is unique in that she uses many methods to focus light relating to seeing and capturing the beauty of her subject. She is a true perfectionist in photography.”

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