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INVID Group was founded in 2003 in the garage of Alberto Lugo’s parents’ house. Back then, his main drive was to create exciting jobs on the island and have a positive work environment that would stimulate innovation and contribute to the economic growth of Puerto Rico. Since then, INVID has expanded beyond what he imagined, providing software solutions that solve business challenges across various industries. For us at INVID, this diversity in challenges is the most rewarding aspect of our day-to-day work.

From financial institutions to government agencies, INVID has provided services that streamline processes to help these organizations make better use of their resources, whether in Puerto Rico, the US mainland, or beyond. However, our focus on the human aspects of our work has made us one of the leading software development providers on the island. These efforts allow companies to maximize their resources, streamline processes, and provide a better work environment for their employees. Similarly, we have developed an application that assists law enforcement in dealing with emergencies and dangerous situations. The mobile app allows citizens to send an alert with their location with the press of a button, which is then received by security agencies. The app has had over 100,000 downloads, and its effectiveness won us Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Award.

We are proud of our services’ success in our clients and the awards we have earned for these efforts. We have been recognized twice as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year, and most recently, we have been part of the INC. 5000 List of the fastest growing companies in the USA for three consecutive years.

INVID also believes in the island’s economic potential, which is why we want to do our part to advise the growing generation of entrepreneurs. Through our podcast, Successful Blunders, our CEO, Alberto Lugo, interviews established business people to talk about their mistakes on their rise to success. This way, they can learn from experienced entrepreneurs based across many industries.

Our efforts to give back to the island arise from the number of opportunities it has provided us; it is what we call the Nearshore Advantage. Puerto Rico is a land full of support and possibilities for those who wish to establish their businesses here. Our political status allows us to provide services on the US mainland, following federal regulations, for a lower cost. Moreover, Puerto Rico is the house of some of the best engineering institutions in the Americas, sought worldwide for its capabilities and talent. Finally, we share currency, language, and culture with the United States. These are a few of the benefits that doing business in Puerto Rico provides, with conditions unique to the region and not possible anywhere else.

INVID is committed to the continued growth of the information technology industry, providing solutions that engage employees, improve procedures, and foster collaboration. We also strive to continue exporting our services beyond our current reach and have INVID’s software be used worldwide to help companies thrive and evolve.

We know this is just the beginning of what the future has in store for the software development sector, and we at INVID are more than ready to meet up to it. As our isotope logo shows, we are all IN with our employees, we are all IN with our clients, and we are all IN for the future.

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