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It was with this mindset that iCities emerged 12 years ago in the city of Curitiba, Paraná. A pioneering company in spreading the concept of smart cities in Brazil, always focused on intelligent urban development and improving the quality of life for people.

Making good use of its innovative DNA, it became a prominent player in shaping the innovative landscape of the city and assumed the role of a catalyst and inducer of new practices, propelling the concept of smart cities to the forefront of municipal discourse.

The company concentrates its efforts on bringing together various stakeholders for the development of innovative projects and solutions in cities throughout Brazil.

Roberto Marcelino, Eduardo Marques and Caio de Castro, Managing Partners

With an extensive collection of technical and strategic partnerships and a series of contracts with companies and municipalities, iCities – THE SMART CITIES HUB operates from studying and identifying the challenges of cities to finding specialized and prepared companies to deliver a wide range of relevant solutions.

In addition to its advisory role, it has academic efforts with executive training programs in related themes, such as Smart City Expert and the Innovation Program for Public Management (PIGP). It also promotes the Smart City Week, an initiative that provides immersion in smart cities, both in Barcelona (Spain) and in Curitiba.

As holders of the Fira Barcelona seal in Brazil, an international institution with 90 years of history and numerous global events, iCities successfully hosts the Smart City Expo Curitiba – Fair and Congress. Being the largest event in the sector in Latin America in 2023, it was also recognized as the second-largest global gathering dedicated to smart cities, attracting significant participation from over 15,000 enthusiasts and experts and more than sixty exhibiting companies.

The Smart City Expo Curitiba stands out as an extraordinary achievement for the city of Curitiba, emerging as a catalyzing platform for innovation, technology, sustainability, urban mobility, governance, and social equity. This event reinforces the progressive vision of the city. It also drives and promotes initiatives that positively impact various crucial sectors for urban advancement and the quality of life of citizens. Additionally, it strongly promotes business tourism.

By integrating this event into the company’s set of initiatives, which includes the Smart City Session and the IoT Solutions Congress Brasil (to be held for the first time in the city of São Paulo in 2024), iCities reaffirms its commitment to leading and inspiring the consolidation of this path towards smarter, more humane, and resilient cities.

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