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Haskell, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida since its inception in 1965, is a leading global architecture, engineering, construction, and consulting firm with $1+ billion in annual revenue, 1,500 employees, and 20+ office locations around the globe. The company was founded by a single visionary named Preston Haskell who saw inefficiencies in the design and construction industries and dared to try something new. Haskell became a pioneer in the Design-Build project delivery method, a single-source contracting approach where designer and contractor work together from project inception to project delivery. Today, this innovative, integrated delivery model is among the most popular project delivery methods in America.


The evolution of Design-Build was a pivotal advancement for the industry, but in recent years innovation within the construction industry has been the exception. In an era of unprecedented technological advancements across industries, construction professionals have been notoriously slow to innovate. As one of the oldest and largest industries in the world, construction has an immeasurable impact on the growth of modern societies, economies, and the industrialized world.

Given the impact of the construction industry, it’s imperative that technology is leveraged to improve project speed, safety, and quality. Haskell, rooted in innovation, is at the forefront of this movement through their Dysruptek initiative.

Dysruptek has a dedicated team of forward-thinking individuals focused on one mission – investing in ideas and technologies to innovate the built world. This is accomplished by embracing emerging technologies focusing on three core principles: invest, invent, and innovate.




Invest: Dysruptek invests as a Limited Partner in the industry’s leading venture funds and early-stage startups with promising solutions. By partnering early in the innovation cycle, Dysruptek helps to refine and develop solutions as they come to market.

Invent: Balancing its venture investments, Dysruptek works to harness the creative energy within Haskell’s 1,500 highly educated and experienced team members to solve some of the company’s most pressing challenges. Leveraging a state-of-the-art, Atlanta-based Research and Development Center through a partnership with universities and McKinsey & Company, Haskell can collaborate, ideate, validate, and patent their world-class innovations.

Innovate: The Dysruptek team is focused on harnessing Haskell’s intellectual capital to capture new and transformative ideas. Through crowdsourcing, education, idea generation, and more, Dysruptek is focused on creating a culture of innovation to drive growth. The construction industry is ripe for disruption, and through its Dysruptek initiative, Haskell is responding to the industry’s most significant challenges with innovative solutions.


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