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Founded in Curitiba, PR, Brazil, in 1997, Genialnet, a technology company specializing in food service management, has been standing out in the market by offering innovative solutions that help businesses improve efficiency and productivity in their daily operations.

José Emilio Starepravo – Diretor Superintendente (proprietário da Genialnet)

The founder, José Emilio Starepravo, a computer engineer with over 30 years of experience in the technology field, decided to establish the company with the goal of developing solutions that could assist food-related businesses in growing and evolving through simplified process management.

The first solution developed was the Genial software, featuring the Operational module, a complete system that aims at organization, food waste reduction, and results. Genial offers a wide range of functionalities, ranging from menu planning, inventory control, order management, financial management, Invoice issuance, to sales transactions.

Over time, additional modules were developed to further enhance the tool. Among them are the Financial, NF-e (Electronic Invoice), MD-e (Electronic Document), MDF-e (Freight Document), Supplies, and POS (Point of Sale) modules

Operation Director, José Emilio Starepravo, General Director, Karina Inkote, Project and Development Manager

As a result, Genialnet quickly secured a leadership position in the technology segment for food service, serving clients throughout Brazil. In 2009, the company launched COTAPED, an innovative online quotation tool that revolutionized the purchasing processes in the meal sector. It facilitated real-time information access between suppliers and buyers, streamlining and modernizing the purchasing workflow.

This tool has been a great success among Genialnet’s customers, due to the possibility of comparing supplier prices and making purchases quickly and efficiently, helping hundreds of companies to optimize purchasing flows and make better negotiations, thus obtaining a reduction in raw material costs. This product remains in continuous evolution.

COTAPED works as follows: Companies register their purchase needs in the system. The system then sends the requests to registered suppliers. Suppliers respond with their price proposals through a link, automating the quotation process, reducing the rework of buyers.

In addition to being a company known for innovation and a constant pursuit of solutions to meet the needs of food service businesses, Genialnet is also an example of how technology can be leveraged to support the sustainability of these businesses, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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