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Thinking Bigger Than Salt And Pepper

Sizzle, smoke, and flames. Family, friends and summer afternoons. Backyard barbeques are known for their music, drinks, and tasty food. When walking up to the FreshJax kitchen and distribution center in Jacksonville, FL the sweet smell of cooking spices fills the air.

FreshJax is changing the way people cook with their unique spice blends. Husband and wife team, Jason McDonald and Hillary McDonald founded FreshJax in 2011 at their local farmer’s market.

“The FreshJax mission is to inspire simply delicious cooking,” said Hillary McDonald.

Everything from FreshJax is made by hand in small batches using premium organic ingredients made with lots of love. FreshJax labels are hand applied and spices are safety sealed, packaged and sent out to distribution centers all over the world. When Jason McDonald was asked what the most exciting thing about the company was, his response was simple, hearing from customers about how they were enjoying the product at home.

Jason went on to say, “It’s very exciting seeing the sales roll in and seeing the results from your team. At first, you see sales from all of your family and friends but when the sales start rolling in from strangers – that’s when you know you have a real business.”

Today, FreshJax is shipping their spices all over the globe. FreshJax is a top seller on Amazon and is sold in the US, Canada, and Europe.

The brand is also steadily growing in their local market. Recently, the head chef at Bellwether restaurant, part of the Black Sheep Restaurant Group, put together a 7-course meal and every course featured a different FreshJax spice.

“Everything is already perfect in this rub,” said Catalina Alers-Alers, On-Air Talent at iHeartMedia.

Crowd favorites included maple cinnamon apple pie and a new BBQ Rub on a pulled pork slider. Signature cocktails were also included in the meal, margaritas rimmed with FreshJax Habanero Lime Sea Salt.

The full product line as well as recipes for how to use the spices are located on the FreshJax website at FreshJax.com. People can also sign up for wholesale accounts through the FreshJax website to sell FreshJax products in their stores.


(904) 337-9750
11526 Lake Mead Ave Unit 103
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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