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Fivecast is an Australian company based in Adelaide that has gone global capitalising on artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover insights across the surface, deep and dark web, and help their customers enable a safer world.

Fivecast Co-Founders: David Blockow – VP Engineering, Ross Buglak – VP Product Development, Dr. Brenton Cooper – CEO, Duane Rivett – VP Customer Success

Whether it’s fraud detection, human trafficking or counter terrorism, the bad guys aren’t lurking in the shadows or hiding behind balaclavas anymore. In the world of free speech and digital access for all, they’re out there and online and Fivecast is tapping into that to detect and prevent threats.

Founded in Australia from a unique collaboration between government agencies and world-leading research institutions formed to tackle the big data challenges facing national security and law enforcement, Fivecast provides automated data collection combined with AI-enabled analytics to identify threats, risks and behavioural changes, such as radicalisation online.

The company is on a fast growth trajectory across the globe, shining light into the darkest of places to enable a safer world. It has gained significant traction in countries that are part of the trusted. Five-Eyes alliance with offices established in Washington, DC and London, UK in addition to their Australian head office in Adelaide and branch office in Canberra. Through a global ecosystem of partners and resellers, Fivecast is able to serve customers across the US, EMEA and APAC.

Addressing Global Threats with AI
Fivecast delivers cutting-edge open-source intelligence solutions to help government and corporate organisations alike address a constantly evolving threat landscape, being driven by several trends including tech-savvy threat actors, the rapid spread of online communications, increased societal unrest and changing geopolitical dynamics.

Open-source intelligence, often referred to as a subset of digital intelligence, is the process of collecting, analysing, and extracting meaningful insights from publicly available data sources, including social media, news feeds, blog sites, discussion forums, and more. The sheer volume and complexity of data presents significant challenges – monitoring online platforms and uncovering critical insights is beyond human scale, driving the need for the advanced, AI-enabled insights into masses of online data that Fivecast delivers.

Showcasing World-leading tech innovation from Adelaide.

Fivecast solutions are being used around the world for use cases spanning counter-terrorism, violent extremist threats; security vetting, transnational organized crime, trafficking, fraud detection, anti-money laundering and more.

Fivecast deploys unique and proprietary data collection technology which, combined with AI-enabled analytics delivers unmatched insights into online data and the ability to quickly zero in on the riskiest content to help analyst teams progress investigations faster and achieve their missions, protecting communities and organisations.

More than 80% of employees in the Fivecast Adelaide head office are focused on research and development across data science, software architecture and software engineering teams. As part of their ongoing commitment to R&D innovation, Fivecast has implemented a robust product roadmap strategy which is developed in consultation with partners and customers.

Industry Recognition

Over the last 5-years Fivecast has applied for and been awarded a number of grants to support product development, expansion and commercialisation including:
• AusIndustry Accelerating Commercialisation Grant
• SA Export Accelerator Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) Grant
• Defence Next Generation Technology Fund
• SA Export Accelerator
• SA DTI eCommerce Accelerator

Fivecast has been recognised as a leading player in the market with awards including:
• InnovationAus Software Innovation Award
• Impact Award
• Fast Movers SA
• Deloitte Fast 50
• American Chamber of Commerce Award for Artificial Intelligence

A future-proof business
“The need for open-source intelligence to address a range of threats is growing significantly across both the private and public sectors. Fivecast is well placed to capitalise on the growing demand.” Dr. Brenton Cooper, CEO and Co-Founder of Fivecast.Fivecast has established a strong export market in the US and expanded its export capabilities to the EMEA and APAC, establishing the company as a key player in the Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) market. Their export success is evidenced by receiving the Australian Government National Export Award for Advanced Technologies in 2022 and twice being a State Finalist in this award.

Additionally, Fivecast is considered one of the first ever Australian companies and only a handful of international companies to win a DIU (Defence Innovation Unit (DIU) project with the US Department of Defence.

With continued planned investment in R&D, technology innovation, channel partnerships as well as expansion into new regions and market segments, Fivecast is well positioned to build on their significant growth and success in the years ahead.

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