We are passionate about innovation in our community

Fernando Dutra, Attorney & Camille A. Wilson, Patent Attorney



“We have been part of Jacksonville for eleven years now, five of which we have spent growing our firm in parallel with the burgeoning tech community. Camille is a die-hard Jaguars fan, so she is an official Jacksonvillian!…Duuuuvaaaalian?”
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INNOVATE® Jacksonville

We are passionate about innovation in our community and take any opportunity to bring light to its rich tapestry of stories.

So, for us, it was a no-brainer to bring the Innovate series to Jacksonville.

We were incredibly excited to discover and collect the success stories in the community and to highlight the thought leaders making a difference here.

Seeing how intertwined innovation and innovative minds are over different focus areas is critical to the collective growth and success of any city. So, for Jacksonville, with its geographic size, the community itself may have blind spots and not realize what amazing companies and leaders are part of the same city. Between the Beaches, Downtown,  San Marco, and Southpoint (to name a few), each segment has its own stories to tell.

When we started on this journey, we learned very quickly that there were so many companies we didn’t know about. To that end, this is an evolving, invigorating process that we hope to continue into the next volume (don’t worry – it won’t be until 2021).

This book reflects the early adopters – those fearless companies and leaders eager to embrace change, share their stories, and work tirelessly to make Jacksonville a  better place. We hope this book reflects a foundation of those who are making a difference in our community as well as identifying the great strides we will make going forward.

Without further ado…”

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