Provides software products that airlines integrate into their websites to improve their direct sales




EveryMundo provides software products that airlines integrate into their websites to improve their direct sales and help them compete with the third-party giants of the travel industry.


In today’s digital world, airlines must execute best-in-class online marketing strategies if they intend to compete with third-party online travel companies for business and customer loyalty. Low fares are the best direct marketing message, considering that the cost of a ticket has the greatest impact on consumers when deciding what airline to fly.

As digitally native tech companies, online travel agencies are able to focus their considerable technical resources towards marketing the best fares to attract travelers. Airlines rarely have the technical resources to devote to marketing their real-time fares across the web. That’s where EveryMundo comes in.

“We’re giving them the technology to create a user experience that rivals if not surpasses that of the travel agencies, and therefore gives the user more of a reason to use the airline’s website, to make the purchase there, and to feel confident they’re getting the price they want there,” says Seth Cassel, President at EveryMundo.





To improve an airline’s digital presence, the EveryMundo product airTRFX is used to deploy landing pages with real-time fares for their entire route network, meaning pages for every origin, destination, and route in more than 25 languages. These pages are designed to accommodate all screen sizes and have high SEO performance.

On these pages, airlines can place EveryMundo airModules, eCommerce visualizations that add additional points to the booking engine. These modules display fares and come in a variety of designs that are made for users in different stages of the conversion funnel. Some of the designs include calendars, maps, mosaics, and histograms.

For example, an airline can choose a calendar layout, where customers can see the best available real-time fares for each day. Or they can use a trending destination module, where airlines can push routes they need to sell, or push routes according to their popularity.


To improve traffic to the airline’s website, EveryMundo offers a portfolio of Search Engine Marketing tools that promote real-time fares in advertisements. These tools allow for airlines to plan, launch, scale, and optimize their digital marketing campaigns and generate additional traffic through their digital channels, including search engines, social networks, display ads, email promotions and affiliates.

EveryMundo was founded in 2006 and has since grown to become the global leader in Fare Marketing technology, working with more than 40 airlines worldwide ranging from major full-service carriers (United, American, Emirates) to Low-Cost Carriers (Spirit, Volaris, Frontier) in 60 countries and marketing in over 25 languages. So far, the Miami-based tech company has chosen not to raise capital and has independently bootstrapped its way to nearly 100 employees mainly in Miami, as well as smaller offices in Ecuador and Hong Kong.

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