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Founded in 2009, eliteBco provides technologically advanced consulting for state-of-the-art Business Process Automation (BPA) and Financial Management Systems.

Many products claim to be flexible and quick to customize, but can these products truly make your process come to life faster? Most cannot… Traditional systems take months or even years to digitize and automate business processes. The technologies that we offer at eliteBco can have your toughest business needs running in weeks.

We use agile software solutions and methodologies to automate activities and boost efficiency through transparency. Within our BPA solutions, automated business processes are managed collectively to improve an organization’s overall workflow by achieving greater efficiency, adapting to changing business needs, reducing human error, and clarifying job roles and responsibilities.

Our products and services are trusted to provide significant savings in purchasing, enable more efficient legal operations, and accelerate sales cycles, all while drastically lowering compliance risk. Using contracts as the core system of commercial record, our software leverages AI to improve contract management for legal departments, procurement, and sales operations.

eliteBco specializes in automating processes that are left unattended by competing vendors. Our best practice templates and adaptable technology ensure rapid deployment and a fully extensible system where service information is now in one place. Staffers no longer must try to pull data from multiple systems with different methodologies.

Features like automatic reminders will ensure expiring support contracts never go unnoticed. Instead, sales reps receive notifications with plenty of time to get the contract renewed and paid in a timely manner. Furthermore, permission-based escalation feature ensures that the system notifies the right business managers when a case remains open too long. Finally, the centralized information feature makes it possible to track exactly who did what and when, eliminating manual processes removes the possibility of human errors.

eliteBco can customize and convert legacy systems from which companies can run their operations, customer service, asset management, process workflow, sales processes, and more. We have assisted hundreds of clients become more efficient by adding components such as electronic signatures, integrating with external systems, and providing an over-the-top framework to automate tasks, electronic forms, workflow, and business rules.

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