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Nathalie Taquet has worked for 15 years in scientific research and her last position at Nestlé Skin Health was a trigger for her desire to create innovation. She identified the importance of the provenance of chemical compounds and their traceability. She and her husband decided to leave France for Australia 4-years ago to create their start-up. Passionate about food and wine and wanting to help digitalise small food and wine producers, they launched eBottli to help them simplify their operations and reduce their paperwork.

“What I like most about my start-up is seeing small producers with a big smile on their face and hearing them breathe a sigh of relief,” she said.

By implementing traceability throughout the supply chain, it is possible to trace back to the origin of the product in case of food contamination or fraud. As legislation becomes more stringent, producers face new challenges between profitability and consumer safety. This is why eBottli enables them to access and grow these solutions in this increasingly digital world.

“We work very closely with our customers and ensure that we only offer what they need. We are driven by a high level of work ethic and I think that’s what customers value most,” she added.

eBottli offers different packages with monthly subscriptions to focus on part or all of the traceability during production. Their team takes into account that every producer is different and that it is important to adapt. A wine producer will not have the same issues as a honey or milk producer for example.

“We like to see our producers grow and make their daily lives easier. They can focus on what they are most passionate about: producing incredible local products.

Nathalie Taquet, CEO and Nicolas Foata, CTO

Most of his customers are people who have inherited production from their families and know they need to go digital but don’t know where to start. Thanks to their personalised support, this transformation is done in a progressive and human way. The fear of change is mastered and the results are quickly visible. Most of them reduce their paperwork by 2-hours a day and finally have a real time visibility of their production.

They can then make decisions that are better adapted to their needs and anticipate rather than suffer.

After validating their products in the Australian market, the company is expanding into France and the US with growing demand. eBottli was a finalist of the Wine Industry IMPACT Awards 2022 AgTech & Digital sponsored by Wine Australia and nominee for Awards Australia 2022 Small Business in December.

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