Dr. Susan Cole

President - Montclair State University

New Jersey has long been a destination for talented and ambitious people from all over the world. Its highly diverse population is a rich opportunity for employers, and Montclair State University plays a robust role in providing that population with an excellent higher education in a wide range of fields, with strong and culturally competent communication skills, and workforce readiness.

Over the past 20 years, Montclair State has transformed itself into an important public research university, doubled its enrollment, launched more than 80 new degree programs, hired hundreds of new faculty members, built housing for thousands of students, and added millions of square feet of state-of the-art instructional and research facilities.

As the state’s second largest university, its 21,000+ students reflect the demographics of New Jersey, with more than half coming from underrepresented groups, reflecting the full economic and ethnic spectrum of the state.

While providing an extremely strong base of programs in the liberal arts and sciences in 250 major fields of study from Philosophy to Chemistry and from Education to Nursing, the University also continues to stay at the forefront of emerging fields of study, with recently introduced degree programs in computational linguistics; cybersecurity; data analytics; social research and analysis; language, business and culture; medical humanities; applied mathematics; communication and media; professional writing; product design; and animation and illustration.

Montclair State has done all this while keeping our tuition affordable, providing a welcoming and supportive environment for students, and offering an institutional culture that values partnerships and collaborations with the business community, government, and nonprofit organizations. The University has developed a streamlined management structure and has made effective use of innovative public private partnerships to build student housing, improve athletics facilities, construct a train station and parking structures, and replace an outmoded energy infrastructure with a highly efficient power plant and microgrid that saves millions of dollars a year and is a national model for campus energy management.

We are always seeking new partners and collaborators. I invite you to visit our beautiful 252-acre campus, where you can enjoy an unrivalled view of the New York City skyline just 12 miles away and experience the excitement of one of New Jersey’s most innovative universities.

Montclair State University

Montclair State University 1 Normal Ave. Montclair
NJ 07043

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