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“Grassroots physician leadership will be vital for patient-centered transformative innovation.” – Dr. Moira Schieke

Cubismi is redefining the frontiers of healthcare through the synergy of AI, cloud, and physician-led human-centered design. Guided by the visionary leadership of Dr. Moira Schieke, Cubismi is leading transformative innovation to usher in a new epoch of personalized patient care and patient empowerment.

Leading with Purpose: A Physician’s Perspective
Dr. Schieke, the CEO, CMO, and founder of Cubismi, is a successful change-maker in the medical field. A board-certified clinical radiologist with a rich cancer imaging and MRI expertise, Dr. Schieke’s journey has fueled and equipped her to transcend the confines of healthcare’s misaligned market. Today’s market is not properly aligned with the consumer (as markets should be). In the case of healthcare, the market should be operating for the patient’s benefit first and foremost, yet it is doing the absolute opposite today. Quality of care is plummeting and physicians face a burn-out crisis while costs escalate. Those costs are being shouldered by patients while large corporations grow in profitability. Today, medical bills are the US’s number one cause of bankruptcy, while patients and physicians are increasingly disempowered. According to Dr. Schieke, successful change to reclaim our healthcare system for the sake of patients requires foundational new technology innovation coupled with physician and patient empowerment.

Leading with Vision: Decision Flow-3D™
“A renaissance for physician experience will drive a new era of personalized patient care outcomes,” is Cubismi’s core belief that propels its mission forward. The Decision Flow-3DTM platform employs AI-cloud technology to introduce innovative decision augmentation
capabilities for physicians. This allows for a significant advancement in making efficient and high-quality patient care decisions in fast-paced environments, leveraging datasets from the precision-era. Designed using human-centered principles, Decision Flow-3D™ will serve as a conduit for optimal focus, allowing clinicians to navigate the complexities of patient data with unprecedented clarity and speed. In particular, Cubismi was the first known platform designed for “decision intelligence” capabilities for “best routes” identification to optimize patient care outcomes while assuring proper patient controls. “We want to augment the physician “decision link” at the point-of-care to establish novel “decision flows” that reconnect today’s massive data and analytics resources to patient care outcomes.” This visionary tool is a testament to Cubismi’s commitment to transforming healthcare through technological elegance and intuitive design that re-empowers the patient-physician relationship.

A Leap Towards Personalized Care with AI and Cloud
“Imagine a platform where all users – primarily radiologists, physicians, and patients – have core new functionality at their fingertips thanks to modern technology to manage massive data sets easily and make fast, efficient, good decisions – using various apps and tools customized for each,” she states. Cubismi’s unique platform AI-cloud capabilities stem from its patented “hypercube computer vision” foundational technology. It is the only known company pioneering the creation of a virtual, highly interactive 3D avatar for each patient enabling expert users to zoom-out for the big picture and zoom-in for key details. It will enable innumerable digital twin use cases, allowing physician users to powerfully filter out unnecessary normal tissue information. The core technology will also enable more powerful granular biomarkers of innumerable diseases. The creative leap of unique innovation utilizes AI to weave a 3D-time map that integrates a myriad of data points into a cohesive, highly interactive model at various levels of anatomical resolution.

Disrupting Legacy Barriers
The genesis of Cubismi was motivated by Dr. Schieke’s realization of the dire need for a shift away from legacy healthcare IT systems that stifle innovation and personalization, which are critical need for diseases such as cancer. The frustration with the status quo stems from real-world clinical experience: “We have a legacy healthcare IT that’s creating enormous barriers for physicians at the point-of-care and completely lacks the basic functionality expert users need, leading to declining decision performance. This horrendous problem at the point of care carries downstream by breaking the human expert “decision link,” leading to declining outcomes.” Through Cubismi, Dr. Schieke is challenging the status quo and laying the groundwork for systems-level evolution into the future. “Google Maps similarly started with structuring and mapping all the globe’s data to geographical locations by a start-up in the 1990s. Today’s Google Maps shows the enormous power of systems-level evolution of successful human-information interaction design based on better data structuring. Despite the wisdom of success in other domains, healthcare’s data remains 80% unstructured today,” she states.

A Future Forged by Physician Leadership
At its core, Cubismi is a clarion call for physician and patient empowerment for successful personalized care in the future. Dr. Schieke’s journey underscores the paramount importance of physician engagement in driving the future of healthcare. “Grassroots physician leadership will be vital for patient-centered transformative innovation.” she implores, envisioning a future where technology and medical expertise converge to create a high-quality, cost-efficient, and empathetic healthcare system. Cubismi’s mission is a testament to the power of visionary leadership and the transformative potential of aligning technology with the human element of healthcare.

The Horizon of Healthcare Revolution
By harnessing AI, cloud, and physician-led human-centered design, Cubismi’s top team is not just navigating the future of healthcare but actively sculpting it. As a start-up taking a leadership position, success demands a more complex and higher level of business validation. Cubismi’s business challenge is not to prove efficiency gains with AI, as seen with virtually all other “efficiency innovation” AI point solution “workflow improvement” competitors in their space. Cubismi must instead prove the success of a new platform business model with new value propositions and entirely new growth engines. With each step forward in progress to this goal, Cubismi reiterates its commitment to a world where every patient is empowered to control their high-value personalized healthcare experience to optimize their personal and family’s health and well-being.

As Cubismi continues to evolve, its story is a source of hope and inspiration for all who believe in the transformative power of technology when wielded with compassion and vision. In the bustling innovation landscape of Washington D.C., Cubismi shines brightly as a harbinger of a new dawn in healthcare.

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