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Crowd Capital is a game changing social impact fintech operating at the intersection of crowd financing, investment platforms, and real estate. We help defaulting borrowers secure their homes while delivering above market average financial returns to our customers in a frictionless and transparent way. By leveraging machine learning and mobile first technologies, we are able to identify, convert, and de-risk the highest returning assets while capturing margins others have not. Through our proprietary platform we’re opening up a niche real estate investment to everyday people helping to secure the financial future of borrowers and customers alike.

Crowd Capital was born out of frustration in the lack of opportunities for people to truly make a difference while satisfying their pragmatic desire to make money. Through a unique approach towards collateralized asset investment, Crowd Capital’s mission is to provide everyone transparent access to low-risk investments that make a meaningful difference for both investors and communities.

The largely untapped secondary mortgage market provides an opportunity to achieve both social and financial returns, also known as Double Bottom Line returns, with a risk profile people could be comfortable with. From a financial standpoint, the unique combination of promising returns, collateralized nature, and low stock market correlation make it a logical choice. More importantly, the secondary mortgage market gave us an opportunity to make a difference; to work with homeowners who were running out of options and give them another chance.

Our funds are comprised of a diverse blend of performing and non-performing residential real estate notes of varying durations, risk and yield profiles, from across the country. Focusing on collateralized assets, in the form of residential real estate notes provides safety and stability while still netting promising returns for the fund. Using a data-driven due diligence approach that takes into account both the notes themselves and the borrowers, the fund benefits from a wide stream of income opportunities.

While some notes will be purchased for their steady ongoing income or their resale appreciation, the fund is uniquely positioned to capitalize on non-performing notes. Through a comprehensive borrower evaluation process, and subsequent remediation process, Crowd Capital specializes in converting these delinquent notes into re-performing ones, all while keeping the families in their homes.

Our vertically integrated technology platform allows us to raise capital from our customers, optimally deploy the capital across multiple residential notes, and then manage the notes to maximize their financial and social returns for our customers. Through a proprietary machine learning risk mitigation engine, high potential investment opportunities will be identified and monitored throughout their lifecycle to ensure risk characteristics remain within acceptable limits.

Our personalized borrower counseling approach for defaulting homeowners will allow us to streamline the process for borrowers to modify the terms of their mortgage, thereby enabling them to afford the monthly payments. To de-risk the borrower from re-default, the mobile application that drives the personalized borrower counseling approach will also serve as a tool to help augment financial literacy and responsibility.

To provide complete transparency for our customers across both financial and social returns, our proven asset management technology will be integrated into a private blockchain that will record all transactions in an immutable general ledger.

We wanted to altruistically shape investing and put people’s money to work as hard as they do while making a positive impact on the people who need it most. Maximizing social impact while netting solid financial returns might seem like a daunting proposition, but Crowd Capital is uniquely positioned to achieve that goal. Whether it is our dynamic and dedicated team or our intuitive and transparent platform, we are single-mindedly committed to the Double Bottom Line.

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