Creator Connect

Giving People The Power To Create New Things




Creator Connect came to me in October 2017, lying on my couch in Boca Raton, Florida. I thought to myself, what if every time someone posted to Facebook or Instagram they could turn their post into an inspiration for custom artwork. That day the concept of Creator Connect was born. A platform that would allow users to connect and create a press of a button was on the way.

We built our Beta platform April 2018 and eventually launched an iOS app this March 2019.

We are constantly growing the platform and adding artists and clients. We want our artists to have a platform that gives them access to growing their network and practicing their skills. This is pushing us to constantly improve our tool. Our network of artists spans the world: London, Ukraine, Russia and USA.

Coming soon we will release an Android app and our complete version for our Web platform so please do continue to check for those items and visit our website to join our mailing list.

As the project went on, I found that it would be much more complex. I needed to prove that people wanted commissioned artwork and make it easier for people who love art but do not know much about it to share their inspiration post.

Therefore we created a custom submission form that educated the user on the piece of artwork they would like the artist to create. We then created an artwork submission form that allowed the artist to see the materials they use within a project so people can realize what the artist used and maybe justify the cost.

Once I proved the business model using Google adwords I realized this need to be scalable organization. Therefore I built another web platform for it that allowed people to shop for artist.

As that started to expand we realized the way to truly scale this business is to give the power to the people and encourage them to do what we all love… Which is creating new things.

Therefore we released our first mobile version of Creator Connect in March.

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