The decentralized Computing Global Network that runs on all major OS’s powering just-in time dServices for Web 2.0 / 3.0.




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The network of compute we are building powers enterprise back-end services TODAY. We call this the Computing Global Network or CGN. The CGN can be used for powering existing web 2.0 cloud services or for powering next generation web 3.0 cryptocurrency / blockchain applications of all kinds. The ability to truly decentralize backend services provides the missing persistence layer required for any service to be truly decentralized. Defi, NFT imaging, Oracles, and other mission critical applications must run in a network that is goes well beyond the centralized AWS, AZURE or other cloud services. Indeed, web 3.0 capabilities must be able to run autonomously without any reliance on expensive and centralized cloud hosting companies especially in the case of any DAO.

See the one page overview of the entire project: https://eqn.tv/Wx74R

CPUcoin has built the traffic management system, the identity server to handle all user logins, manage payments and dashboard services. We have launched our first enterprise workload miners which runs on 87+ percent of all computers today, the Mac OS is coming next.

The mission is to create the CGN DAO to operate perpetually completely autonomously. A partnership with a key decentralized file storage company is in the works with over 100 PB of pre-mined storage and an NFT DRM partnership which will provide all the elements necessary to upgrade NFT infrastructure to enable long-form and HD storage of all kinds, while providing a fast viewing experience for all devices.

Token strategy via Exchange API
The company has over 140,000 wallet holders from an Airdrop/Token sale event in 2020. CPUcoin is working with exchanges to utilize their custodial capabilities to securely pay miners directly to exchange wallets every hour and provide a way for the 140,000 wallet holders to onboard to their exchange of choice. Any exchange partnership can work with our micropayment API transfer tool providing them new users and new functionality. The CPUcoin.io website is now localized in 10 languages and has everything necessary to understand the background and development efforts to date.

After building for the last three years, the company is about to do a series of token sales to expand marketing, executive team, build out and connect additional dApps and dServices to the CGN.

Sign up for a CPUcoin account here: https://account.cpucoin.io/en/login/

The CPUcoin team combines industry expertise & proven experience in ability to power large-scale multi-billion-dollar infrastructure solutions. Led by Sean Barger, the first producer of Tetris – the #1 selling game of all time, publisher of DeBabelizer batch processor which sold over 1mil copies globally, inventor of dynamic imaging powering web 2.0 content sites around the globe (MediaRich Server) and now is pioneering decentralized compute sharing for enterprise workloads to power the web 3.0 revolution.

See our team here: https://cpucoin.io/#team

CGN Miner – Download our miner and earn CPUcoin (CPU) today
We have launched the Windows and Linux Miner working on 90% of all computers on the planet. Our miner is for enterprise workloads and is much more energy efficient than any crypto hash miner. It’s physically inefficient to do standard crypto mining (hashing) on consume grade hardware. When tested, we found that, on a relatively state of the art Apple Tower it would win 11,000 Sat (about $3.90 worth of BTC as of this writing) per month, however, this increased the electric bill by $50! Linux miner has just released for providing datacenter users a way to earn with their unused compute. A Mac OS version is in the works to take advantage of M1(x/pro/ultra) advanced computing capability. Our vision is that mining and nodes of all kinds can be deployed on consumer grade hardware, as chips like M1 and Intel’s new bitcoin mining chip become readily available the options in basic computers, along with the strength and efficiency of mining will be an incredible opportunity for the CPUcoin CGN because we make it easy to earn.

CPUcoin currently is stateless, however, the company is finalizing a decentralized storage deal with a new partnership which will enable the miners to write content securely from any miner to permanent massive, decentralized storage availability. This makes our high-def NFT perpetual storage a reality even with our test net. See the current mining options at https://cpucoin.io/mineroffers/

TestNet – First DService “MediaGen” operational on all miners CPUcoin has deployed the Testnet which is now powering live services,
together with the first dApp built on the new CGN that can be used to activate the network and watch it operate in real time.

First dApp, Tweekit.io has been released by equilibrium.com powered by the CPUcoin miner network. This simple dApp and api solves the problem of importing and converting any file type into any domain specific required format. This can be applied to all kinds of needs on the web and in crypto today such as NFT sites, profile importers, signature apps, kyc/ aml submissions, and any existing web services that require a universal file import capability. It’s currently connected to Rapid API and NPM, will soon be connected to WordPress, Shopify, Zapier and Salesforce.

Go to: Https://Tweekit.io or Https://equilibrium.com

Check out our 3-minute explainer video which summarizes the CPUcoin project on a high level.

The explainer video is also available in 9 other languages on the homepage https://cpucoin.io

For a comprehensive overview of the CPUcoin project check out our slide deck by going to this page: https://eqn.tv/Mm95B

Be sure to check out our comprehensive white paper for the background behind client/server applications, why we are taking the hybrid
approach and a detailed technical breakdown of the entire CPUcoin project.

To download the whitepaper go here: https://eqn.tv/Ex82T

To keep up to date with all major project announcements check out the CPUcoin news section on our website at https://cpucoin.io/news

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