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Over more than a decade, Contabilizei has been offering products and services that simplify and strengthen the work of entrepreneurs in Brazil. The company is established as the largest accounting company in the country and leader in starting companies processes and accounting management for legal entities. Created and headquartered in Curitiba, the company serves more than 50k customers and offers digital solutions connected to the largest team of accountants in the country, delivering a complete accounting experience quickly and securely.

Focusing on the needs of the Brazilian entrepreneurial market, the company innovated one more time, offering clients an accounting solution integrated with financial services. is a solution that further simplifies the accounting processes and supports the one-stop-shop vision for micro and small entrepreneurs.

“The one-stop-shop concept supports the company’s idea of developing and offering solutions that allow our customers to meet all their needs in one place. By following the behavior of entrepreneurs since 2013, we have improved our ability to understand what really generates value for the public in terms of products and services”, explains Vitor Torres, CEO and founder of Contabilize.

Vitor Torres, CEO and Founder

With this solution, Contabilizei was granted the certification from Curitiba Tecnoparque Program, which awards companies that support development and are innovative in the capital of the State of Paraná. This recognition emphasized innovation as a cornerstone of the company which, in alignment with the purpose of simplifying and strengthening the work of entrepreneurs in the country, guides the development of products and solutions that offer solid benefits for the business industry.

“Aiming to simplify processes and facilitate the entrepreneur’s daily work, the integrated corporate account is opened quickly at, as we already have all the company’s documents. Also, sending bank statements is a process that has been centralized in one single location. We also added other services, e.g., tax collections, which are automatically debited from the account. This way, it is possible to create an integrated, seamless and transparent operation for the client, based on their real needs for greater convenience,” says Vitor Torres.

The company, driven by Curitiba’s innovation ecosystem, once again reinforces the commitment to the continued evolution of accounting services, providing tools that transform the business management. “We offer support for the entire entrepreneurial journey: registry, accounting management, corporate current account management, tax collection, and automatic payments using debit or credit cards for greater convenience and easier financial management, among other resources to comply with government regulations. We are developing many other innovation projects and we are certain that we will continue to transform the Brazilian accounting and entrepreneurship scenario,” says Vitor Torres.

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