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In Washington, D.C., the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just alive; it’s thriving, thanks to CONNECTpreneur. This isn’t your typical forum – it’s the heartbeat of business innovation. Boasting a global network of over 30,000 trailblazers – from CEOs to investors, and angels to entrepreneurs – CONNECTpreneur is where ideas ignite and ambitions soar. Welcome to the core of innovation, woven seamlessly into the city’s relentless pursuit of greatness.

A Melting Pot of Ideas
Founded in 2012, CONNECTpreneur has rapidly evolved from an ambitious idea into a pivotal platform that nurtures the growth of innovative businesses. “At CONNECTpreneur, we celebrate innovation by facilitating high-level connections and engagement among the brightest minds in the industry,” says Skylar Rallison, CONNECTpreneur Community Manager, capturing the essence of this dynamic organization.

Every month, over 400 top founders, investors, angels, CXOs, VCs, and early-stage ecosystem players converge at the CONNECTpreneur Forum. This gathering is no ordinary event; it’s a blend of news making speakers, a showcase of emerging tech companies, and unparalleled networking opportunities. With previous speakers like Steve Case, Governor Terry McAuliffe, Reggie Aggarwal, Seth Goldman, David Gardner, David Trone, Joe Payne, Chip Paucek, Tim Chi, David Steinberg, Mark Walsh, Tim Hwang, Rick Rudman, and Sudhar Kesavan, among others, gracing the stage, CONNECTpreneur forums are a testament to the quality and impact of these gatherings.

Innovation at the Forefront
The CONNECTpreneur RocketPitch is hailed as the world’s largest monthly investor pitch event, attracting between 600 to 800 top founders, investors, and business leaders. “These unique events are like none other due to the high quality of our attendees and participants, as well as our programming and unprecedented networking,” Skylar emphasizes, highlighting the distinctive nature of CONNECTpreneur’s engagements.

Over 70% of attendees surveyed rank CONNECTpreneur as the number one tech networking event in the Mid-Atlantic region. This is a testament to the organization’s ability to foster meaningful connections that propel businesses forward. “We are not just about networking; we are about creating opportunities for growth and innovation,” Skylar states, underscoring the organization’s mission.

“We are not just about networking; we are about creating opportunities for growth and innovation.”

Global Impact
Beyond the local ecosystem, CONNECTpreneur hosts the world’s largest monthly virtual tech pitch events. These events attract 350-600 attendees online, showcasing CONNECTpreneur’s expansive reach and influence. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and the capital that can bring them to life,” Skylar adds, highlighting the global vision of CONNECTpreneur.

A Community of Support
CONNECTpreneur’s impact extends beyond events and networking. The team provides capital-raising mentorship and support to hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and VC funds worldwide. “We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, ensuring they have the resources and guidance needed to succeed,” Skylar affirms.

CONNECTpreneur’s success is also attributed to its strong partnerships with leading organizations and institutions. Partners include Capital One, BDO, Bank of America, and Georgetown University, among others. These collaborations enrich the ecosystem, providing broader opportunities for innovation and growth.

A Beacon of Innovation
CONNECTpreneur stands as a beacon of innovation in Washington, D.C., inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to dream big and innovate. “Our story is not just about what we have achieved; it’s about the countless businesses we’ve helped launch, grow, and succeed. This drives us forward,” Skylar reflects, looking towards the future with optimism.

The company fosters a legacy of inspiration and impact that will echo through future generations of entrepreneurs. “Our journey is far from over,” Skylar reflects with unwavering optimism. “We’re just getting started.” Welcome to CONNECTpreneur, where the future of innovation is unleashed.

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