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Codium is your bespoke software development Swat team for Web and Mobile App business systems and platforms. We take a business-first approach looking at the big picture, down to the human elements that make a business unique. We view technology as a critical business pillar tightly integrated into a business plan. It’s a complicated ecosystem that evolves with a business, requiring continuous nurturing and improvement. How it is approached and how everyone within a business contributes to and understands it, makes the difference between a good and an exceptional business.

We partner with our clients and other stakeholders/investors to find the best pathway to their success, which forms unique relationships all the way through to full turn-key operations. Codium’s software and team is an asset to our clients. It’s a partnership where our clients are in full control and given the ability to make something unique, stand out and build out their competitive moat.

Eric van Ryswyk, Chief Strategic Officer

From airlines, mining, manufacturing, transport, disability, SaaS products, fintech, marketplaces, education and so on, we have worked across industry verticals, business models and sizes. Delivering quality software that is well aligned to the business plan roadmap is key. Codium has refined, over 12, its ability to be able to deliver world-class software, safely, securely, flexibly and in a way that is as unique as every business that we meet.

It’s no longer a technical problem, it’s about how a business and all its people engage in the process ready to design, solve and continuously improve. At its core, business is all about relationships – relationships between companies and their customers, between employees and their colleagues, and between managers and their teams. It’s a live ecosystem that evolves, and time tells the compounding difference.

We’ve seen hundreds of clients that the Codium team deliver bespoke software solutions for and there are a few elements that have separated the good businesses from the exceptional, from the business that plateau, to the businesses that scale. These come down to three fundamentals that all other geniuses come second to: Vision, Approach, and Habitual Integration. In other words, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, the everyday 1% improvement is better than the big innovative project that takes 2 years to deliver. More than this, it’s about how teams integrate a successful methodology as a way of life. As an agency, our best clients embody an understanding of the strategy technology holds for them, with new governance, capabilities and methodologies that enable the integration of software designed to solve real problems. They are willing to take risks to go to new heights. They don’t just leave it with us, they partner with us, own the problem and the solution, and look for the long-term strategic plays. Software needs to be a significant component of a business plan, touching on all areas, with people aligned from the owner/board down.

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