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Closing Bear is a fast-paced title company that offers title insurance and closings for anyone buying or selling real estate. Simply put, Closing Bear does all the paperwork when someone buys or sells property … but they do it better than anyone else.


Closing Bear launched in June 2019 and has quickly become the fastest-growing title company in Jacksonville. By infusing modern technology and practices into an age-old industry, Closing Bear has positioned itself as the most innovative company in its market. “We were founded on the idea that the real estate industry and current title companies had become stagnant, complacent, and primed for disruption,” said Chip Lynn, CEO/Managing Attorney.

There are several challenges to energizing customers in this market. Real estate laws are tedious and complicated, and outside of the latest HGTV show, real estate in the real world isn’t terribly “sexy.” So, Closing Bear undertook to create an offering that educates customers and makes it fun and engaging at the same time.

There are dozens of title companies in Jacksonville, but most people couldn’t name one. A big reason for that is other title companies merely treat closings as an additional revenue stream to their law firms. Look closely, and you’ll see that the vast majority of title companies are just extensions of law firms. But Closing Bear is not affiliated with any law firm, and its only business is closing real estate deals. If a customer calls one of the Closing Bear attorneys, they are always available, unlike other attorneys who could be in court, or doing other tasks that would take them away from their closings.

In addition to teaching classes to realtors throughout Jacksonville, Closing Bear started a YouTube channel with educational content so each customer can learn about key issues for their deal in short, engaging videos. “We will continue filming ongoing content for our customers, but some current videos discuss how to read their financials, who has to sign the mortgage, and the dangers of wire fraud,” said Lynn.

There are some big roll-outs about to happen with Closing Bear and tech, but most are still being held close to the vest. Closing Bear is at the forefront of Remote Online Notarization and can confirm that beginning January 1, 2020, their customers will be able to sign their closing documents remotely 24/7 via online notaries. “We are leveraging third-party technologies through our strategic partners so that our customers have the choice of closing their deal in one of our offices, while on vacation, or at home in their pajamas!” said Lynn.
These steps are the core model of how Closing Bear adds value to its customers.


“Chip is the absolute BEST real estate attorney in Northeast Florida! He makes closings fun, entertaining, and informative for the customers. The staff is always incredible. Closing Bear is great from start to finish! I highly recommend them to all my customers, friends, and family!” —Jordan Feria

“Chip Lynn and his staff are point-blank the best in the business. Closing Bear is where I do all my closings because they are dependable, communicative, attentive, and provide world-class customer service. I trust no other Title Company to guide my customers through the real estate process step by step.” —Kyle Draper: The Great American Realtor

“Chip Lynn closed three homes for us over the past two years, and everything went perfectly! Chip is fanatic about responding to emails and calls—even returning a call to me once while he was at Yankee Stadium. Perfect paperwork, great communication—oh, and he educated us about tax portability—saving us tax dollars with our new home. We would not consider working with anyone else!” —Christine DiPatre

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