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President & Ceo - Pamten



“Cracking The Code: Finding The Passion To Transform.”

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I’ve always believed that, with anything you do in life, it’s important to find your passion. Once you find that passion and set short- and long-term goals, you can transform your dream into a reality. Today’s technology gives us the unique opportunity to find and follow our path in more diverse and interesting ways. This allows transforming the workplace, business, and lives on a global level.

My passion for technology drove me to co-found PamTen with my business partner, Prasad Tenjerla. PamTen is a place where creativity and innovation are key ingredients to PamTen’s success. We instill and encourage curiosity and create a challenging and rewarding environment for our employees. Both our employees and clients take pride in being associated with our company that has a greater purpose.

As our business is growing, we are hiring more skilled people. We observed that there weren’t many women applicants for these tech positions. As we researched further, we learned that women only represent 25% of the tech field. Here I am, a successful woman in the technology field.

Why aren’t there more women in this field that I love? I felt a strong need for increasing the pipeline of talented women. This led me to start our new initiative—SheTek. Its mission is to support women entering the technology field with mentoring, training, and job opportunities.

PamTen is created around the core purpose of giving back. We do this through SOFKIN (Support Organization for Kids in Need) which is a nonprofit that I established over a decade ago to help underprivileged, destitute children in India. We do more than just provide basic amenities—we create loving and caring homes. The children are treated no different than our own children.

They are provided value-based education in a secure and encouraging environment that enables them to realize their dreams. PamTen not only provides financial support to SOFKIN, it is also a creating a platform for internships and job opportunities for these children. Both our employees and clients join us in transforming their lives, which gives us all a sense that the world can be a better place.

Through our CSR initiatives, we also provide internships to local university students and participate in many local community programs.

I grew up in a strong community, learning from diverse cultures. This understanding of diversity helped me build and maintain strong business connections. The importance of building connections led me to conceptualize and develop our product, BizLigo (formerly ConnectPro Global), a vibrant community and collaborative platform, which helps businesses to connect, collaborate, and grow.

It’s through technology and support of our clients, employees, and business associates that this all comes together. Having a passion to help businesses through technology solutions and supporting women and children has been the driving force behind my success with these initiatives—PamTen, SOFKIN, and SheTek.

Chaya Pamula is the President and CEO of PamTen Inc, a global technology company which she co-founded in 2007. She co-developed the SheTek initiative to encourage and empower women in the technology field. She is also the founder of SOFKIN (Support Organization for Kids in Need) which provides caring, nurturing home to over 100 destitute children in India. She has won numerous awards and is often a speaker at local and international conferences. Her positive approach, energy, and creativity propelled her towards achieving the challenging goals she had set for herself.

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