Carole Lamarque

CEO, Founding Partner Of Duval Union Innovative Marketing

Humans Can’t Think In Terms Of Exponential Growth

- Carole Lamarque

Strategic Marketing, launching innovations and new technologies are my passions. I worked as a marketing leader for various companies in competitive markets. It was a privilege to work in these sectors. I look back on my very pleasant and extremely smart colleagues. Many of them supported me and made me the marketer I am today, I am grateful for that.

I am a board member at Port of Antwerp-Bruges and VOKA Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland and bestselling author at Lannoo Campus : Influencers, Unfair Advantage & Zoonotic.

Did you know humans can’t think exponentially?

Study has shown we can’t think in terms of exponential growth. So, entrepreneurs need a framework to guide them. Of course, entrepreneurs need to grow exponentially, therefore I wrote a book named Zoonotic. It describes a new success formula to build a viral business strategy. With that formula, we show the needed leadership and communication skills, based on numerous examples of successful entrepreneurs.

I’m proud to have launched some of the innovations that we now think are deadly normal, like voicemail, the Internet, cloud computing and TV over the internet.

But I am most proud of the human aspect of my career. I get a lot of pleasure from working with talented people, and top recent graduates. As CEO and Co-founder I lead a marketing office together with my business partner, Frederic Vanderheyde.

What advice would I have given my 25 year old self?

I would consider entrepreneurship much faster. The entrepreneurial world needs diversity, but it will also give you more flexibility in organizing your work-life balance.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

- Sun Tzu

This quote contains so much life wisdom. I always have his booklet “The art of war” at my fingertips. There is no such thing as pure luck. You have to want to see opportunities for yourself and seize them. Sometimes people say, “Carole, you’ve been very lucky”. That sounds like everything was thrown into my lap, but nothing could be further from the truth. I may have been given certain opportunities, but I grabbed them with both hands with gratitude and I worked extremely hard for them.

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