“We believe that the human connection in building both community and business is vital.”

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Capital Club Dubai is a hub of innovation and a crucible for visionary minds shaping the future. As I sit across from Hussain Sultan al Junaidy, the Chairman of this illustrious club, his eyes reflect profound optimism and a relentless drive to propel a business club and a global community toward a flourishing future.

The club is a forward-thinking global collective of business leaders and innovators who share a curiosity and possess the will and means to shape a better future for the region and beyond. It is now thriving under the brilliant operational leadership of Mohammed Karaoui who is connecting all the dots beautifully and fulfilling the club’s promise.

“Trust cannot be built over a text message,” Chairman Sultan begins, emphasizing the indispensable value of human connection in a world increasingly dominated by virtual interactions. This resonates with my principles, too. “Face-to-face networking allows you to showcase your personality and forge meaningful, authentic connections that are simply unattainable over video calls. At Capital Club Dubai, we believe that the human connection in building both community and business is vital. The emotional connection, credibility, and cultural understanding cannot take place online.”

His words reverberate in the spacious, elegantly designed lounge of the club, a testament to the importance of physical spaces in fostering business relationships and community building. With its 15-plus years of history, the club has cultivated a strong reputation of trust and honor, serving as a vital bridge in the tech-saturated landscape of today.

Looking toward the horizon, Chairman Sultan shares his visionary goals for Capital Club Dubai.

“By 2030, we aim to be the most sought-after business club globally, not just in the region. Our unique brand will become invaluable. And by 2040, the club will transform into an institution that drives substantial growth across the entire business ecosystem. Our members impact policymaking, build multistakeholder partnerships with the public and private sector, develop a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, and create innovative business solutions for solving the world’s most pressing problems,” he asserts.

Its mission is to build a bridge between public and private sectors, in conversation with the UAE’s Ministry of Economy, and serve as a platform for business leaders to have their voices heard and facilitate real change to the economic future of the UAE.

His passion is palpable as he discusses the initiatives closest to his heart. “I’m deeply committed to building a lasting legacy through our initiatives,” he shares. The mentorship program at Capital Club Dubai, which gives back to the community by imparting expertise and wisdom to the next generation and startup founders, is a prime example of this commitment. He adds: “I’m proud of our curated business events driven by thought-leadership members, including the government, business, and impact groups, who engage with the world’s greatest minds to cultivate a collaborative environment of staying ahead of the curve and contributing to the knowledge economy.” As our conversation turns toward the youth, Chairman Sultan’s message is both inspiring and grounded. “Dream big and pursue your ambitions with all your might,” he advises, “but remember to leave a mark and include others in your journey to success.” His philosophy extends beyond professional achievements, focusing on the personal legacy one leaves behind. “Your life is more than your job, position, and profits. It’s about who you are as a person – that is what will be remembered.

Capital Club Dubai stands as a dynamic arena where the past and present merge seamlessly into the future, where challenges are seen as opportunities to innovate, and where every interaction has the potential to spark change. It’s a place where technology and tradition blend to create a fertile ground for growth and where the future is not just something to be anticipated but actively shaped.

This club is not just about building a network; it’s about creating a brighter future. The Capital Club Dubai’s ethos of fostering genuine human connections and a strategic vision for growth and innovation positions it as a pivotal player in shaping tomorrow’s economic landscape. As Chairman Sultan’s words linger in the air, they leave a powerful message of hope and a clarion call to action for the leaders of today and tomorrow. Indeed, at Capital Club Dubai, the future is not just happening – it’s being shaped.

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