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I was born and raised in Central Florida and grew up with loving and caring parents to whom I attribute much of my success in life. After a good education at a small liberal arts university in western Virginia, I spent my first few years of adulthood working as an accountant in Washington, D.C. My occupation and an interest in New York City pulled me north, and I eventually moved to the big city in 1988.

Shortly thereafter, opportunity drew me away from the comfort of a large company – and into the world of technology start-ups. There, I have spent the balance of my 35-year career as a CFO for technology, retail, and legal information start-ups. I have been blessed through my experience with each of those opportunities.

Gravitating toward STOPit Solutions was an easy move for me as I rapidly got behind the mission of our company’s founder and began contributing more than nine years ago. Today, as Chief Executive Officer we have made a solid impact against some truly concerning trends within the school safety and wellness space.

As I look forward, I have learned that seeking advice and counsel from a number of people is the best way to form opinion on how we can contribute in the years ahead. My teammates and colleagues who have joined me here at STOPit Solutions over these last nine years are special individuals who care deeply about impacting the lives of young people.

I share these experiences with my family every day, and each of them has supported me during this nine-year mission. Along the way, I was fortunate to meet a wonderful person who has been my wife of 33 years. We are both blessed with two wonderful daughters, and as I look back on my career and life in general, I realize that I, too, have been truly blessed with this opportunity of helping schools keep their communities and surroundings safe and their students well.

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