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A vision to provide an amazing experience to boaters

Boatrax is an IoT Platform that leverages the power of data to make boat usage and management more efficient, reliable, and hassle-free. Using its proprietary IoT gateway, Boatrax stores and transmits critical metrics from the boat’s engines and sensors to help boat owners lower maintenance costs and achieve operational transparency unlike anything available in the market.

Imagine if you had a boat or managed a fleet of boats and could always be 100% certain that you were ready for the next outing. With Boatrax, boat owners can share and access critical boat information like the battery charge, fuel level, engine hours, and the most current alarms to ensure that their boat are in great condition for a beautiful day on the water.

Boatrax was born out of a need for effectiveness and simplicity to manage their founder’s boat. With the vision to provide an amazing experience to boaters, Boatrax created a solution that is more than a device that secures the boat’s metrics, it’s an intelligent platform that tells the real story of a boat creating a huge potential to provide transparency and value to the recreational boating industry.

Our company’s co-founders and FIU grads Arturo Malave and David Villegas, are more than mere business partners. They are family and as far as they are concerned, the number 1 fun-filled family activity, particularly in South Florida, is boating. Their love of being on the water convinced them to focus their energy on making the boating industry the newest grounds for innovation.


We believe in deep collaboration with the industry to uphold the highest standards of information and develop valuable and actionable insights to help boat owners spend more time in the water.

We believe that every boat owner has the right to enjoy their passion for boating with peace of mind and that no one should be burdened by boat ownership.

Our passion for challenging standards and never compromise has lead us to design products and services that make a clear statement of where technology in the recreational boating industry could and should go.

We are on a journey to become the leading industry platform that enables smart, safe, unforgettable boating experiences.


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