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BMA Group Global is a prominent Human Resources consulting firm with 25 years of experience, serving organizations in 23 countries through innovative business solutions.

Founded in Puerto Rico in 1997, the company has evolved with the changing needs of the worldwide marketplace. BMA Group made its entrance into the staffing industry by offering Headhunting Services, and in 2000 the organization integrated Outsourcing Services into its business model. Incorporating Outsourcing Services allowed BMA Group to level the playing field with local and national competitors while providing operational excellence for its business partners. Today, BMA Group offers Headhunting and Outsourcing services under a broad range of personalized business models that fit each client’s individual needs. No organization is the same. Therefore, the variety of innovative business solutions BMA Group provides helps businesses thrive in today’s ever-evolving global marketplace.

When BMA Group was established, founder and CEO, Brenda Marrero had the vision to continue the exponential growth of business partners while disrupting the talent acquisition industry with agility, flexibility, and value. This was accomplished through the integration of technology, processes, and talent to build business solutions that render our business partners’ needs with commitment and enthusiasm for mutual growth and success.

BMA Group expanded into a global workforce in 2008 under its partnership with tech giant Microsoft. This partnership opened the door to an accelerated expansion that persists today. This development was effective due to the organization’s vision of integrating technology and organized processes into business operations, which allowed collaboration with international business partners to be successful. These effective partnerships have allowed BMA Group to open regional headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Panama.

In 2011, BMA Group expanded operations to San José, Costa Rica. The regional office in Costa Rica is one of BMA Group’s biggest operations in Central America. Costa Rica is an Information Technology hub where BMA Group Global’s expertise in the IT Industry has allowed business partners to expand operations and even use BMA Group’s Outsourcing services to open new headquarters. Due to Costa Rica’s rapid growth, BMA Group has expanded its workforce and has integrated new strategic positions to further support business partners.

In 2020, BMA Group established regional offices in Raleigh, North Carolina. During the pandemic, BMA Group supported business partners to navigate the whirlwind of COVID-19 while creating new relationships with different organizations. BMA Group’s primary focus while joining the United States Market was to focus on establishing experience, presence, and trust in its collaborators. Due to the rapid growth of different businesses in North Carolina, the market was able to capitalize on BMA Group’s deep understanding and depth of resources in the international market to expand North Carolina’s talent pool. BMA Group has integrated a new Regional Director of Commercial & Operations to continue supporting local and regional partners.

Being founded by a Puerto Rican, BMA Group Global is committed to helping grow Puerto Rico’s economy by collaborating with small businesses on the Island and fortune 500 companies looking to expand operations. Helping our business partners find the right talent for their organizations and people find jobs they will be successful in is what BMA Group Global strives for. The organization’s corporate social responsibility program connects nonprofit organizations and private businesses to create socially responsible alliances that benefit the surrounding communities.

BMA Group helps organizations find the right talent by implementing the BMA methodology, using customized, structured, and cutting-edge processes to make sure we understand and preserve our client’s uniqueness and essence when recruiting talent for them. We ensure that candidates are motivated, know their job, and will be successful in their new roles. This organization also believes that prosperity cannot happen in a vacuum. A keen sense of social responsibility is the compass that guides us to embrace concern, compassion, and justice while rejecting neglect, cruelty, and injustice.

In addition, BMA Group’s Learning and Development Center provides the organization with the training and tools necessary to achieve and sustain a culture of continuous learning. Internally, development plans are created by the department and by role, consisting of microlearning programs, workshops, certifications, and coaching sessions.

For its business partners, BMA Group ensures that the employees who provide services for collaborators arrive on their first day of work knowing the company and their main tasks.

For example, at Coca-Cola Bottles, BMA Group has created an induction process where the employees enter the BMA Academy and receive training on handling forklifts, the associated security measures, and good practices for use before their first day of work.

BMA Group provides a similar onboarding process for its client, Trafon Group, where drivers receive online instructions about the tasks they must perform, the types of clients they can serve, and how to manage the administrative aspects of the role. It is crucial for BMA Group that the workers have all the tools to manage their new role with any of our clients.

BMA Group’s main focus is to help talent develop and grow professionally while supporting business partners with a high performing global workforce.

A job is for now. A career is forever.

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