> Bluewave Technologies Inc.

A health-tech startup that started out of the University of Florida’s innovation hub

Created in 2015 company, BLUEWAVE Technologies is a health-tech startup that started out of the University of Florida’s Innovation Hub.

Innovation Hub. BLUEWAVE Technologies is a health-tech startup and the creator of the BLUEWAVE, a device that can deodorize items with its proprietary ozone infusion technology in as little as 5 minutes, without using any water, detergents, or added  chemicals. The device is completely closed loop and filters out all of the excess ozone at the end of the cycle, making it safe to use anywhere.

It has achieved kills against MRSA and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in independent lab tests—not only on hard  surfaces, but also through porous materials—and the company is currently working to complete their antibacterial efficacy claims. The co-founders, Kenneth Cherisol, Miles Clark, and Justin Zhou, previously worked together at a high-tech battery startup and have been working together for over ten years. BLUEWAVE Technologies is a portfolio company of Jacksonville’s PS27 Ventures and has since started its own manufacturing facility near Orlando, as well as d its own manufacturing facility near Orlando, as well as having an office in New York City.

They are currently in orthotic and prosthetic clinics and are now expanding to orthopedics, physical therapy, and sports medicine. The BLUEWAVE device can quickly deodorize items in these markets that other solutions cannot treat, leaving both clinicians and patients ecstatic with the results.

“Since using BLUEWAVE, we’ve been able to make even some of the more odorous patient items look and feel like they are brand new. Also by making things smell better, patients are not self-conscious and they are more inclined to improve their compliance and not feel like they dislike the orthosis because it smells.

Prosthetic patients always comment about the smell of liners or their prosthesis so it’s great to be able to freshen everything and make them feel better and less self-conscious,” said Brittany Stresing, Owner of Limbonics.

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