Thriving in the ‘Multicooltural’ Creative Business-How culture shapes the entertainment business in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean




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For years, the founders of Buena Vibra asked themselves how to praise the Puerto Rican talent. They were always aware of all the potential that the island held, recognizing the fast evolution and future globalization of the latin music, star product of the island that gave them life. They had an eagerness to show to the world what Puerto Rico has to offer in the music business and its ramifications. The question: How? The answer: Connections. They believed in this concept so much that they have invested their whole hearts (and a little more) into it.

Tito’s Vodka: Puppy Love A free calendar for fundraising and dog adoption

They started creating connections between upcoming artists and small crowds through the Buena Vibra College Tour. Forward on, the crowds became larger as they were also creating connections between artists and brands, artists and producers, and between brands and creative ideas and innovation. The rest is history. Every year, the entertainment industry brings in over 2 billion dollars to the Puerto Rican Economy.

Buena Vibra: Buena Vibra College Tour The first ever live music tour in Puerto Rico’s Universities

And even after a pandemic, and overcoming all the challenges the industry suffered, Buena Vibra keeps on making those connections with unique experiences, created for and by the modern culture. Through marketing, events and content, they have positioned themselves as the most relevant creative and entertainment company in Puerto Rico, and subsequently, the whole Caribbean.

As culture provokers, we celebrate, feel and power the Caribbean way-of-life. They are born from the Spanglish, the rhythm, the talent, the entertainment and the latino traditions.

The overall mission is to contribute to the evolution of the culture and entertainment in all Latin America. Keeping up with the latinx and urban culture is the basis of their competitive landscape. Providing services to different businesses and industries, their clients include local and regional brands, advertising agencies, international record labels, athletes, management companies and artists. They have been the partner of choice for the transformation of many of them. They were into the Orange Economy before it was cool ;).

Garnier Fructis: Garnier Green Fest A music festival that promotes sustainability: To have access the people had to bring a number of empty bottles of the Garnier products.

Buena Vibra is made of people, incredibly talented and diverse people. They promote a collaborative environment for the greater good of the industry and Puerto Rico. Collaborators from many places in the world such as Colombia, Spain, their neighbors Dominican Republic, and of course the ‘boricuas’, become the real Dream Team. Dancers, soccer players, visual artists, illustrators, photographers, writers, and more, get together to channel their vision, creativity and passion into whatever task they put their mind into, coming up with the most amazing ideas and communication solutions. Aren’t all of us a mix after all?

They acknowledge the responsibility they have as a community and the impact they make. The world is hungry for what they create and manifest, now more than ever, without limits or borders.

The recognition and rewards they have received are just a confirmation of success accomplished by and for their employees, collaborators and clients.

Through redefining, challenging and provoking culture, Buena Vibra has become the most important experiential agency in the multicultural market and keeps looking forward to positioning Puerto Rico as the world’s epicenter of entertainment.

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