A story of true innovation, perseverance, and grit




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Ours is a story of true innovation, perseverance, and grit, which eventually led the company to be one of the two dominant forces in workforce management.




Beeline is a Jacksonville-based company just exiting its teenage years. Beeline isn’t a household name; in fact, most of the Jacksonville populace has never even heard of this international company that boasts Jacksonville as its global headquarters. With offices in Denver, Detroit, London, Singapore, Sydney, and Manila, Beeline employs close to 500 employees across the globe—approximately 200 in Jacksonville.

While few recognize the company’s name, everyone recognizes the names of the world’s largest and best brands that Beeline counts among its customer base. Locally, Beeline’s customers include CXC, Florida Blue, JEA, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Black Knight, and FIS. Beeline was the brainchild of local executive, Tim Payne who, with Bob Crouch, ran the MPS Group under Derek Dewan’s chairmanship. Tim spotted an opportunity to disrupt their current staffing business model and launched Beeline.

This was an early example of executive leadership, realizing they could innovate and create an entire business market by disrupting their business model. Beeline brought automation, visibility, competition, compliance, and cost reduction to the Fortune 2000, who had traditionally worked with staffing companies via email and time-consuming meetings. The staffing landscape would never be the same.


Fast-forward almost 20 years, and Beeline serves hundreds of the Fortune 2000 and is recognized across the globe as an essential partner in sourcing, managing, and reporting on the extended workforce. What is the extended workforce? Anyone who isn’t a full-time employee, but works for a company, is considered to be part of the extended workforce.

This group includes temporary contractors, project-based consultants, freelancers, and anyone in the “gig economy.” Many people don’t realize that companies spend hundreds of millions, and in many cases, billions of dollars annually supplementing their traditional workforce. In the early 2000s, others saw the promise of Beeline’s disruption and endeavored to compete. Over 100 companies were vying for market dominance. The MPS Group’s little startup continued to focus on innovation and customer service until it emerged, finally, at the top of its industry. Today, the two largest players, by far, are Beeline and SAP, but Beeline continues to differentiate on innovation and customer service. Beeline is disrupting its industry again with machine learning and artificial intelligence.




Beeline is tapping into its massive stores of data (almost $50 billion of extended workforce spend streams through Beeline’s technology every year) to bring predictive insights and alternative sourcing methods to its clients. The latest innovations render job descriptions and traditional resumes relics of the past. By knowing its users better than its users know themselves, Beeline’s grasp of individual buying behavior, predilections, and market costs offer hiring managers unprecedented value.

“Hey Alexa, I need a project manager for five months starting on February first.” “Outsiders” often assume Beeline is based in Silicon Valley. We’re proud to hail from the First Coast. Jacksonville is an up-and-coming tech hub, and we are able to access top tier talent. Many of our most successful colleagues graduated from the University of North Florida. Additionally, the quality of life is unparalleled, and our snow-laden clients love to visit us in the winter. Look for more innovation out of Beeline as we set our sights on the next 20 years!

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