GET CONNECTED AND EXPAND YOUR NETWORK AT BASE CO-WORK: The innovative co-working space in Santurce, Puerto Rico




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To collaborate is to win. Base Co-work started with this idea and the need to bring forward a new, cool space to work and expand connections for remote workers, who either travel and/or don’t have a stable office or place to work at home. Base Co-work is located near restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks and is even 8 minutes away from the beach. This type of place doesn’t come around often in Puerto Rico and its outstanding 5 story building brings a lot of opportunities for everyone.


Base Co-work also brings commodities with parking for those who don’t live nearby, it’s open 24/7 for members of the community and has high speed internet, of course. But above all else, the beauty of being able to work in your own office or even bring your team for a private meeting can be done in the team meeting suites. There are also premium spaces for organic seating, phone booths for your private calls, conference rooms for presentations that might require any operational task, hot desks, dedicated desks and any type of seating your job of the day requires.



For all your premium needs, Base Co-work provides the best technology, remote tech support and first hand necessities that you might require for an excellent working experience. Base Co-work is also pet friendly and not to mention, the environment and friendly community is completely safe and comfy. Its truly amazing hospitality brought by the employees cannot be left out nor the ADA compliant standard (and aesthetically pleasing) design.



Get some sunlight and fresh air on their brand new rooftop with one of the best views in the city. The rooftop comes with beautiful seating and a bar to enjoy our beers on tap (or coffee if it’s too early). Base Co-work is truly innovative and a remarkable place to start your dreams! So get in touch today and begin your journey to a more collaborative and alluring way of working.

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