Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center-Uses The Most Advanced Technology And Research In The Fight Against Cancer




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Bringing together world-renowned expertise, innovation and patient-centered care in one destination.


Beating cancer demands the extraordinary. That’s why Baptist Health, Northeast Florida’s preferred health care provider, and MD Anderson Cancer Center, the No.1-ranked cancer center in America, created a destination for cancer treatment that is second to none.

Jacksonville, Fla., is now the only location in the southeast with a center reflecting the MD Anderson model of care, using the same multidisciplinary approach, advanced technology, and leading-edge treatments available in Houston.




Integrated, highly coordinated patient-centered care

Baptist MD Anderson is organized into 10 cancer clinics, each treating specific types of cancer. To provide multidisciplinary support, the Baptist MD Anderson team meets weekly, allowing cancer experts in different clinical areas to collaborate on each patient’s unique case and identify the best treatment approach.

Dedicated nurse navigators work closely with patients, guiding them through their first visit and serving as a single point of contact throughout their care. Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center takes a whole-person approach to care and provides support services for the body, mind, and spirit – including pastoral care, counseling, nutrition, social services, and art therapy, among others.


Bringing technology and research together

Baptist MD Anderson uses the most advanced technology and research in the fight against cancer. Through partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Baptist MD Anderson offers patients access to the latest clinical trials and new targeted therapies.

Art enriches our healing environment

To create an uplifting, healing environment, original art is displayed throughout the 333,000-sq.ft., nine-story center. The collection features more than 700 works in a variety of mediums, styles, and techniques.

“We believe that patients throughout the southeast, the nation, and the world deserve the scope and scale of cancer care that a partnership with MD Anderson provides,” said Bill Putnam, MD, FACS, Medical Director at Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center. “This advanced cancer treatment facility ensures that residents never need to leave the region to access the high-quality cancer care they deserve.”

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