Bridging the gap between the online world and the offline world

ARVISL Future is a technology company that focuses on creating future AR and VR real life gamification experiences. With strong location-based service apps, ARVISL Future will provide Cost Per Traffic™ marketing metrics for real physical foot traffic.

Think of Pokemon Go, but with exclusive deals and perks at local businesses.

Noticing a problem between traditional digital marketing, and brick and mortar stores, Krystal Zheng, saw an opportunity to increase foot traffic and real-life engagements digitally with emerging technologies. With an interest in augmented reality and location-based technology, she created SAVR App; a gamified augmented reality mobile platform with real-life content and incentives offered by local businesses and community.

While working at Synkt Games, Krystal realized there is a solution to bridge the gap between the online world and the offline world, so she decided to create a tool to help drive foot traffic, Krystal saw the route of augmented reality as an engaging way to show incentives other than images on websites.

She says:

“Augmented reality is the perfect technology to demonstrate what I want to display and it is also easy and convenient to work with on a mobile device.” SAVR is a fun virtual scavenger hunt style mobile platform using real-life locations with augmented reality features, and virtually collected items can be redeemed in real life at local businesses and locations. Think of Pokemon Go but with incentives.

The app is available on IOS and Android.


  • Babson WIN top 3 startups finalist
  • HYPE Miami Entrepreneur Nominee
  • 3rd place startup at Spark Hollywood News or Media Recognition


SAVR App has been featured in:

  • ChatBot Journal
  • Profile Miami
  • VoyageMIA
  • Medium.com
  • Midtown Miami Magazine
  • Market Watch


305 7816-274
[email protected]
1951 NW 7th Ave, #600 Miami, FL 33136

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