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We believe that by empowering artists the world can be a better place. We help artists thrive by giving them access to today’s leading-edge technology and abundant resources to create. We are a passionate collective of artists and industry experts with many years of first-hand experience producing ambitious art projects and events. We know the resources and expertise that artists need to realize projects they envision and the effect their work can have on the public.

Connecting the Artists and the People

As an artist-centric company, we curate and produce public art, exhibitions, and events while giving artists access to cutting edge technology. We facilitate unique partnerships between artists, brands, and organizations that enliven public realms to elevate and enrich the people. We enable artists to reach new levels of creativity by giving them opportunities to be a part of a global movement that is harnessing the power of art to create a better world.

  • Digital Installations
  • Data Sculptures- turning data into captivating digital art
  • Murals
  • Sculpture
  • Visual Art
  • Immersive experiences and events

ArtRepublic provides a unique opportunity to focus simultaneously upon two of our city’s most important values: downtown development and arts and culture.”

– – Preston Haskell, Founder, The Haskell Company

“We will build on our successes and global movement to develop an advanced social marketplace platform infusing commerce, art, and social experiences with the newest technologies supported by the web. With the use of today’s most cutting edge technology, we can offer our users an immersive experience they have never had before, making the art world approachable and engaging for the next generation collector.”

– – Jessica Santiago

ArtRepublic was founded by Jessica Santiago in 2016 to develop Jacksonville into a nationally recognized art and culture capital. This was the first organization of its kind, to bring the world’s leading muralists and digital artists to Jacksonville. ArtRepublic has since become known for its standard of excellence in curation and world-class installations, exhibitions, and events.

After growing a powerful, international network of artists, brands and industry experts, Santiago saw a tremendous need for growth and modernization within the business of art and developed a social-commerce tech platform to transform the industry. ArtRepublic will now become the world’s most Artist-centric company, where Patrons, Galleries, Museums, Events, and Brands can easily find and discover art they might want to buy online and Artists they may want to work with.

“We had a blast and I know the community is loving what you all have built and continue to push. Jasmine and I met so many amazing people down here. Everyone you brought out to paint, create, drive, prep, help, film, shoot, and accommodate have been just really down earth and super interesting people. The energy in JAX is palpable and we are honored to have been a part of it in our own little way.”

– – Bisco Smith, Artist | NY


  • First private organization to gift over 30 world-class public artworks to the city
  • First organization to introduce the community to digital art and produce major digital art exhibitions
  • Winner of the American Institute of Architects Community Service Award 2017
  • Over 20M digital media impressions showcasing the growing art and culture of Jacksonville

“The Jaguars are committed to the transformation of downtown Jacksonville into a thriving, world-class city and that includes an investment in the arts,” said Jaguars President Mark Lamping in a release.

“We’re excited to support ArtRepublic artists this year as they create a mural that celebrates the spirit of Jacksonville and contributes to the quality of life in the downtown urban core.”

– – Mark Lamping, President, Jacksonville Jaguars

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