A women-led agribusiness that provides Nutritional and Tasty Food, based on Breadfruit: A Superfood




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Amasar LLC is an eco-friendly and sustainable food agribusiness located in the fresh highlands of Jayuya. We promote the consumption of Breadfruit (Pana: Artocarpus altilis) , a superfruit, now in an innovative way, as flour blends. Amasar promotes breadfruit’s great nutritional benefits, as well as the development of formal breadfruit (BF) farms. We plant, and harvest BF and buy BF from small farmers and schools throughout Puerto Rico.

With breadfruit we developed an innovative value-added project where we turn BF into flour. In our sustainable project we seek to offer nutrition and taste, guaranteeing good agricultural and manufacturing practices to obtain quality, long shelf-life and highly versatile products for everyday cooking, as an alternative to conventional flours. It is great to make pancakes, waffles, breads and much more. Our products are available in various points of sale throughout the country, with presence in most supermarket chains and health foods. They are also available on various e-commerce platforms: www., Amazon, Brands of PR and PRoduce.

Our goal and heart are set on being able to offer and export to the whole world the concept of “Healthy Food in a Healthy Planet”, through our products based on breadfruit! At the same time a greater agricultural production is developed in the country and we contribute to the food security of our island, Puerto Rico, in harmony with our Mother Earth. Our BF Pancake & Waffle Mix was awarded a SOFI Award for the New Breakfast Product of the year, by the Specialty Food Association!!! It is the FIRST Puerto Rican product ever to win this recognition in the International Specialty Food Industry.

We owe our passion for agriculture to our coffee family farms and to the Future Farmers of America (FFA). Today we work holistically to promote agriculture in Amasar, an agroforestry, ecological and agrotourism project of 19.2 acres. Amasar was recognized as one of the 25 finalist companies at the Global level of the 2021 WE Empower UN SDG Challenge, being one of the 5 finalists in Latin America and the Caribbean due to our important contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN for 2030. The objectives addressed are: Zero Hunger(2), Health and Well-being(3), Responsible Production and Consumption(12) and Climate Action(13).

Amasar is a certified Agrotourism Project, we take our visitors on a New Breadfruit Journey adventure. Highlighting all the history and
contributions of this amazing fruit. How it arrived in the Caribbean, and its cultural and social value for our people and region. Of course finishing off with a unique Caribbean tasting session of many delicatessens made out of breadfruit.

In Amasar we have a great passion for agriculture, education and nature. We embrace family values and respect. Join us on this New Breadfruit Journey and remember:

“Eat well, Live Happy!”

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